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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 2082 AD-2183 AD: The virtual telepathy of the shush net emerges; active electro-chemical mind alteration is becoming common; heavy commercialization of space is proceeding; historical stress levels on average citizens (as well as mass species extinctions due to growing human numbers squeezing out other lifeforms) are both peaking now

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2170s milestones in on person gear and environment

The average 'elite' or 'high-middle-class' citizen of the most highly developed states has at minimum a 60% chance of finding themselves in an environment including these items:

(1) more often in the company of intelligent humanoid companions than other biological humans (in some cases though these intelligent humanoids may be housing 'proxy' intelligences-- or subordinate copies-- of human biologicals)

(2) a permanent and dynamic nanotechnology-based 'second skin' grafted or 'grown' onto many or all freeborn human citizens at or around birth, which helps filter out poisons, toxins, and infections (even in the stomach lining during digestion), greatly reduces the need for mechanical cleansing of the body, offers automatic muscle toning and clot busting exercises during sleep or rest via electromagnetic stimulation, as well as automatic cleansing/maintenance/trivial first aid treatments to outer skin (if sufficient energy is available), and also has the capacity to integrate functionality with other appliances of these kinds where available-- such as aiding underwater breathing (acting as a filter to allow only air molecules in rather than water molecules; making underwater breathing merely an exercise of somewhat greater physical effort than out-of-water breathing). The new 2-skin technology is also self-healing/self-repairing (though for large scale damage the 2-skin may require the wearer to apply some basic repair materials to the edge of the damaged area). Like its much cruder predecessors, this latest 2-skin also insulates wearers against heat and cold, is self-powered (generates the power it needs from a wearer's physical movements and body heat, as well as external heat and light sources), and augments physical tensile strength. The latest citizen 2-skin technology provides on-the-fly porosity and transparency modifications, and automatic optimal balancing of body heat, as well as a greater range of effective instantaneous and versatile (scalable) 'bubble-wrap'/micro-air bags effects to protect against violent impacts, than any previous generation of such 2-skins. One of the most recent innovations is an integration between a wearer's second skin and their shush net node-- in effect, this brings a low level consciousness to the second skin itself now.

-- Molecular-scale chips by CHARLES PILLER, Nando Media/Los Angeles Times Syndicate, December 4, 1999, http://www.nandotimes.com

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