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Cover art for the ebook Sirens, volume one of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.


Sirens is the first book in The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs series. It describes the beginning of teenager Jerry Staute's transition from a run-of-the-mill unpopular and bullied geek, into a resourceful and determined force to be reckoned with, amongst a rural county brimming with outlaws, gangs, and malevolence. The influence of three particular girls during these travails will help determine what kind of man Staute becomes.
Cover art for the ebook Necessary Ends, volume two of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.


In this, the second book, Staute gets several hard lessons about life. Temptation, over-confidence, and impulsive, unthinking behavior all bring about unforeseen dangers for Staute and friends, growing up as they are in one of the wildest parts of 1970s America. Staute's group battles a homegrown terrorist, serial killer, and forest fire-- and just for fun engage in a multi-state supercar race fit for the history books. Necessary Ends also includes many details about the construction of Staute's custom-built car Shadowfast (much of which took place during the time span covered in this volume).
Cover art for the ebook Deep in the Throat of Texas, volume three of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.


Staute and friends travel from Tennessee to Texas in search of fun and jobs during a summer vacation from college, only to find things there much harder than any of them had expected. This leads to unforeseen challenges for them all-- including a falling out. Then, things get lots more complicated, as Staute encounters a maniacal nemesis in the local police force, and fate and Mother Nature both conspire to change his life in permanent and unpredictable ways, first with tornadoes-- and then with one unforgettable woman.
Cover art for the ebook Driving Needs, volume four of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.


Jerry Staute's return to college soon puts him into a blazing firefight with a deranged military instructor, in an effort to save his classmates. His college life unravels after that, forcing him to explore less savory employment options. These pit him against a powerful politician's secret witchcraft cult, put him in the middle of a murderous family feud in Kentucky, and finally force him into an off road race for his life through mountain wilderness in his street car, pursued by a gang equipped with motorcycles and four wheel drives.
Cover art for the ebook Nowhere to Go But Up, volume five of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.


The final book in the Driver Logs series begins with Jerry Staute and Shadowfast racing a V-12 Ferrari through hair pin turns on the Tennessee/North Carolina border, for one of the best European supercar versus American pony car match ups ever. After that, they face their biggest road war yet, as a crime lord of Staute's hometown decides he's had enough of the pair. Finally, Staute gets a 'respectable' driving job-- as part of a security convoy escorting V.I.P.s-- only to encounter an all out assassination or kidnapping attempt on their charge. After the rest of the convoy gets knocked out of action (and with reinforcements nowhere in sight), there's only one way to escape...
Cover art for the ebook Dark Horse: The Official Shadowfast Supercar Technical Reference.


Dark Horse is all about the mechanical star of The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs: Shadowfast himself. A heavily modified 1969 Ford Mustang Mach One, Shadow ultimately ended up boasting many parts and tweaks worthy of the fastest Boss and Shelby racing Mustangs of the era-- as well as a few outlaw devices to boot. Dark Horse offers readers enough information to build their own modern clone of the car if they wish. Feedback from readers indicates that certain of Shadow's innovations from decades back are being added to some 21st century race and rally cars today.
Cover art for the ebook A Shock to the System, volume one of The Chance of a Realtime.


Almost twenty years after his Shadowfast driving days, Jerry Staute leads an entirely different life, helping to manage multi-million dollar research and development projects for both business and government. At least until an unusual mugging on the streets of Boston leaves him badly incapacitated one day. In the aftermath, he suffers a temporary relapse to a state of derangement he'd suffered only once before, some years previous. After regaining his senses, Staute realizes that he now recollects all new and astonishing experiences from his college days, 18 years past. Staute fears he's losing his mind; or else someone now has the scary ability to inject false memories into a person's head (and selected him as their first victim). Desperate to find some clue to who had done this to him and why (and confirm he wasn't simply losing his marbles), Staute begins examining his new memories of events he is sure never happened, and soon finds himself enraptured by the tale he finds there.
Cover art for the ebook Meeting of the Minds, volume two of The Chance of a Realtime.


The second book of The Chance of a Realtime continues Jerry Staute's fantastic romp through future events both dire and exquisite. Staute has been coached in advanced space-time physics by accidental time-travelers, who believe him to be a younger version of the 21st century genius who first conceived of their core technologies. If the travelers are correct as to his identity, perhaps Staute can resolve the problem which has set them adrift across time, and enable them to reach home again. But Staute's efforts soon lead them into a future war instead, and Staute finds himself under siege from both within and without.
Cover art for the ebook The Madness of Dreamers, volume three of The Chance of a Realtime.


The third book of The Chance of a Realtime series has the ship and crew discovering a gateway to a terrible virtual world, where one insanely rich man freely tortures thousands of captives. While they cannot change history and free the victims, they must never-the-less send Staute and an android companion into the living nightmare to obtain data critical to their continued journey through time. There, the duo must contend with war bots, monsters, and mythological gods brought to life.

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