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This page last updated on or about 2-5-07

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This web site and its early nineties disk-based predecessor FLUX magazine have always been about innovation and new ideas, especially where such may empower bigger or better opportunities for the individual as opposed to big business or big government.

The page which directed you here is an e-commerce venture in its BETA stage, which means it is experimental and subject to changes or improvements as we learn more from our customers and users, as well as about our own capabilities.

Much about the services offered on such pages may represent historic firsts, as of the early 21st century. The success of ventures like these could well open up whole new ways for thousands or even millions more writers, artists, inventors, scholars, and entrepreneurs worldwide to better earn a living from their preferred line of work (and perhaps even create new jobs for their communities too), while creating more competition for big corporations, and forcing more accountability for big government. We would expect the end result to be a more equitable 'spreading of the wealth' for everyone in general, as well as more chances for individuals everywhere to exert greater control over their own lives, and suffer less from the prejudices, whims, mistakes, and excesses of multi-national corporations and oppressive governments. But of course this would also imply greater limits on the growth and power of giant corporations and corrupt or incompetent governments world-wide.

In other words, hopefully a 'win-win' situation for ninety-nine plus percent of humanity!

Good luck to us all!

-- J.R. Mooneyham

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