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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 2018 AD-2025 AD: Consumer robotics go mainstream; 'wire heads' appear; do-it-yourself medical care; organ regeneration; unmanned planes of many types becoming common

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2020 milestone: Consumer robotics finally joins the mainstream...

...beginning production of practical and economical appliances, in the form of realistic, no maintenance robotic pets and self-cleaning carpets, as well as stunningly wonderful toys for both child and adult...the growing availability of wireless power feed grids is encouraging this technology.

Humanoid robot circa 1997 by Honda Motor Company, Japan. Designs similar to these could possibly provide assistance for the handicapped and elderly, as well as substitute for workers in hazardous duties.

NOTE: Self-cleaning carpets work this way: each 2020 electromechanical member analogous to a single inert upright carpet fiber, circa 1998, is like a movable finger, resulting in the whole carpet consisting of millions of tiny active fingers, which is computer programmed en mass to automatically respond to any spilled fluids or dirt by moving such debris away from the center of the room, towards receptables along the room's perimeter, where the debris is then neatly disposed of. END NOTE.

-- "Vision of Wild Robots, Tame Robots" By PETER H. LEWIS, August 6, 1998, The New York Times

Robots capable of improvisation

Truly 'smart' robots would be adaptable to changing circumstances much like human beings, rather than being frozen into one standard routine.

Now it appears there has been progress in giving robots that flexibility to adjust their behavior.

-- "Robots That Think On Their Feet Now Possible", Washington University In St. Louis, 1-27-99

-- Expect rapid, pervasive innovation in 21st century, EurekAlert!, 2 DECEMBER 1999 Contact: Emil Venere emil_venere@uns.purdue.edu 765-494-4709 Purdue University

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