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CONTENTS of 2018 AD-2025 AD: Consumer robotics go mainstream; 'wire heads' appear; do-it-yourself medical care; organ regeneration; unmanned planes of many types becoming common

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2020 milestone: Mainstream physical storage media formats are changing now after a lengthy period of stability; DVDs are now giving way to a superior credit-card type form factor

The booming internet and the enormous storage, communications, and transfer flexibility it offered over the past 20 years actually slowed the adoption of removable physical storage media such as DVD and the like which were advanced relative to older CD formats

Sure, lots of new physical storage medium ideas were introduced between 2000 and 2020-- but the growing bandwidth and convenience of the net greatly reduced demand for new physical media. After all, there's no need to store much locally when remote files are instantly accessible virtually anywhere.

-- Business 2.0: COVER STORY WEB FUTURE How Will the Internet Age? Predictions for the 21st century. By Jim Griffin, griffin@onehouse.com, December 1999: The Next 1000 Years, http://www.business2.com

Plus, the downward cost pressures on net clients of all sorts (including PCs) also tended to keep legacy standards like DVD alive and incrementally improved over decades. Truly large file transfers simply don't require local physical storage anymore-- instead they are typically maintained in a data warehouse 3500 miles away, and users just open access to the file remotely as required. Thus, the relatively cramped 35-45 Gigabyte DVD media most users have for local removable storage is good enough for most other requirements.

However, the DVD format is finally entering its twilight years now, as credit card form factor storage becomes cost competitive with the basically 20th century media standard at last.

-- Predictions for the new millennium By LANCE GAY, October 25, 1999, Nando Media/Scripps Howard News Service, http://www.nandotimes.com

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