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CONTENTS of 59,999,999 BC- 51,000 BC Large land and aquatic mammals appear; many kinds of primates appear (almost as many go extinct); an island continent finally disappears for good; the Mediterranean valley turns into the Mediterranean Sea; human beings emerge, develop housing, clothes, lamps, and drugs, breed dogs, use horses; Mars dies (or goes dormant)

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Approximately 400,000 BC: The Earth warms up considerably and stays that way for at least 30,000 years

Global sea levels stabilize at 7.5 meters above 1999 AD levels for millennia, then rapidly rise to about 20 meters higher than 1999 levels, remain there for thousands of years, and finally decline back to 1999 levels over a period of a couple millennia.

Note that any long term hominid settlements in low lying coastal areas are being flooded and erased during this time worldwide, thereby forcing many potential innovations leading to agriculture or other characteristics of civilization to be postponed or forgotten as populations are repeatedly forced to move elsewhere to start again from scratch.

-- "In Ancient Ice Ages, Clues to Climate" By WILLIAM K. STEVENS, 2-16-99, The New York Times

-- "The big thaw"by Jeff Hecht, Boston, From New Scientist ["http://www.newscientist.com"], 17 April 1999

It appears the melting collapse of the entire western Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, as well as ten percent of east Antarctica's ice, was the cause of the global rise in sea levels of perhaps at least 13 meters.

The facts of past sea levels are muddled somewhat by fluctuations in the levels of the continents themselves, due to tectonic processes, and the varying weights of covering ice sheets (when present).

-- Climate's Long-Lost Twin ["http://www.sciencenews.org/20000226/bob2.asp"] By R. Monastersky, From Science News, Vol. 157, No. 9, February 26, 2000, p. 138

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