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This page last updated on or about 7-19-05


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Try the references listed below for learning more about HTML and/or other aspects of internet use:


Handy Tools and Guides for Webmasters is a resource provided by THIS site.

Possessing a dedicated HTML editor can help. Here's a few leads for such:

| Lissa Explains it All -- Free Online HTML Editor | HTML Editors | TheFreeSite.com: Free Software: Free HTML Utilities | HTML Editor Programs Review | Online information about HTML editors | Free HTML Editors to download and use! | Free resources, HTML editors, tools, guestbooks | ezHTMLarea - Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor / Web Page Builder |

The HTML editor I use is HTML-Kit.

If none of the above help, try this prefabricated Google Search for free online HTML editors

At HTML Tutorial you can learn HTML editing knowledge which would technically allow you to edit raw HTML in a tiny, free, plain text editor program like the accessory Notepad (which comes standard on all Windows PCs from Windows95 through XP, I believe).

The latest free FTP program I downloaded and installed was Core FTP Lite for my laptop (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol; such an application may be needed if you get your own web site).

I hope all this helps!

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