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First aid for broken links

J.R.'s webwork page:
Home to the wild bunch

(the wildest Tennessee families since the Crocketts, Yorks, and Clampetts)!

This page last updated on or about 1-9-06

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The Google Search Page

I'm Looking for Somebody!

| Anywho.com | People.yahoo.com | Switchboard.com | People Search |


I Need First Aid Help!

Don't forget that in the USA you can call 911 for voice help and an ambulance! Folks, please note it's far better to learn basic first aid techniques well in advance of having to use them (and occasionally brush up on the training over time to make sure you retain the capability). In circumstances where someone is bleeding heavily or having problems breathing, every minute counts, and web surfing for instruction may be way too slow.

| Washington Medical | FirstAidGuide.net - You Free Online First Aid Guide | Mayo Clinic First Aid | BBC Health Online Course in First Aid | Noah's Ark First Aid Menu |

If you're new to the net and/or computing and would like a headstart on getting Web-savvy, try:

| Help Tutorials for the Internet | Welcome to FolksOnline |

| MEDLINEplus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine | Quackwatch Home Page | Handyman USA - Expert Advice and help for do-it-yourselfers | Home Improvement - Find contractors & home improvement articles | Google Answers (and Google Answers FAQ) | Ask the Experts | Yahoo! Science:Ask an Expert | Allexperts.com--Ask any question! | Knowledge Hound - "How-to" guides for just about anything! | Dictionary.com | Learn2.com - The ability utility | Yahoo! Health | Outdoors Gear, Survival Equipment Review &Survival Information | Home: Emergency Preparation | The Disaster Handbook |

I Want OFF Mailing/TeleMarketer Lists!

How to get your name off telemarketing lists Telephone Preference Service - Consumer Assistance | State do not Call Lists | Opt-Out | Get Off the Lists! | Junkbusters Home Page | Internet ScamBusters | Spam, Scams and Relevant Resources | SpamCop - File a spam report | PrivacyPlace.com | Welcome to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse | Junkbusters Home Page | Identity Theft Resource Center A Nonprofit Organization | Internet Privacy for Dummies Online Resources for Readers of Internet Privacy for Dummies |

I'm a Traveler in Need of Assistance!

| Flight Arrivals & Departures | Rules of the Air from OneTravel.com - cheap airline tickets also | Airport Parking | Cellular Phones - Get Weather on Your Phone | Foreign Languages for Travelers | 24 Hour US Passport and Travel Visa Express Service for United States Passport Renewals and First Time Applications | SkiMaps.com - Travel, Resort Info, News & Maps | Camping and Campground Reservation Site | All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine |

I want to help others!

| Welcome to VolunteerMatch | Coalescence - Community Resources | WebJunction |


The FUN Page...

...is a home-grown entertainment portal. The MAGIC DRAGON MULTIMEDIA HOME PAGE is another of this category. Yahoo! Entertainment is a major portal in this vein. The eBay site has proven an entertainment hit with many web surfers since 1999. If you like the excitement of being in a bidding war, then eBay may be your kind of place.

| the monster movie database | Movie-A-Minute | one-minute vacation | Your Super Search Engine (magazines) | The Movie Spoiler | TV ACRES The Web's Ultimate Subject Guide to TV Program Facts & Trivia | TV Tome - guide to the television shows you love | wacky uses for well known products | SciFan Science Fiction & Fantasy Books by Theme Alternate History | Book-A-Minute | Spy Letters of the American Revolution | Lives, the Biography Resource | Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site | Clem's homemade newspaper kites | HeroicStories (email-based) | Make Stuff - The 'You Can Make It' site for crafts, hobbies, entrepreneurs and others | AMG All Music Guide |



I need a Phone Book!

| Yellow Pages | 555-1212.com (FEE-BASED) | Reverse Address Lookup |

I Want a Free Web site or E-mail Address!

| Free Email Address Directory | Tripod | FortuneCity | GeoCities/Yahoo | FreeIndex.com |


I need an Almanac!

| Yourdictionary.com | Geographical almanac by the CIA | My Virtual Reference Desk (includes My Facts Page and FastFacts 1998) | Merriam-Webster dictionary/thesaurus and more | I need Famous Quotes! | Acronym Finder | CanonicalTomes | I need a Calculator or Unit Conversion! | I need to know How it Works! | I need to glue something! | PowerReporting.com | Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics | the PALEOMAP Project | Census Bureau Home Page | Scientific American 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense |

I need an Encyclopedia!

Other encyclopedia-type resources include Encyclopedia Search Page, LibrarySpot - encyclopedias, maps, libraries and more, Yahoo! Reference - The Britannica Concise, and Human Knowledge Foundations and Limits.

I Need a Degree!

Law School in a Nutshell, Part 1 and Part II

Other reference links (miscellaneous):

| Blackmask Online-archive of free ebooks | Food Finder | Recipes Archive | Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center | Census Finder - Links to all the FREE census online | Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations | Dictionary of Phrase and Fable | World Time Zones | Vital Records Information for United States (birth, death or marriage certificate) | rebecca's guide to the perplexed (references) | The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy | How To Remove 250 Stains From Clothes And Textiles | Charity Navigator - America's Largest Charity Evaluator | Consumer Reports WebWatch: The leader in investigative reporting on credibility and trust online | Truth Or Fiction - email reality check - verify rumors | Urban Legends and Folklore |



I want to Buy or Sell Something!

I want to Buy from the WebFLUX Store!

| J.R.'s Dirt Cheap PC and Killer Deals Page | J.R.'s Cheap Mac Sources | Strong Numbers: The Blue Book for Everything | deal-mac | Amazon.com books, CDs, videos, and more | CDnow.com music | BUY.COM | PriceSCAN: Your Unbiased Guide to the Lowest Prices on Books,Computers, Electronics, Movies, Music, Video Games... | Spy Equipment & Surveillance Cameras Spy Equipment, Home Security Devices, Hidden Cameras, Miniature Cameras | priceline.com | Dealtime | Auto-By-Tel | Yahoo! Used Car Classifieds | Edmund's Automobile_Buyer's_Guide | All Things Automotive - comprehensive guide | CarPoint | MSN Expedia Travel | Insurance News Network | RateNet | Bankrate.com Mortgage rates, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgages and more | Quicken Home & Mortgage | Foreclosure Magazine | Seized Property Auctions | Consumer World | U.S. Consumer Gateway | Government Surplus | Foreclosed Properties | E-LOAN | Yahoo! Real Estate | Quicken.com (money management) | MSN MoneyCentral Investor | The Home Energy Saver | ENERGYguide | Couponing and Refunding | Coupon Savings From H.O.T! Coupons | Frugal Living | The Dollar Stretcher | Home Repair | Household Hints, Home Repair and Remodeling | About.com Freebies | Online Shopping |


Contact the Media!

Write your Congressman (or other government official)!


| Write Your Congressional Representative | Contacting the Senate | U.S. Senate Senators Home

| vote note (track your rep's votes via email) | Direct links to popular columnists and commentators | U.S. Congress on the Internet | Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators | Contacting the Congress | Newswise Contact Directory | Political Information (A Search Engine for Politics and Policy) | Idealist Home | NetAction | ACLU of Washington Take Action! Center | PoliticsOnline | The Democracy Network | Policy.com | Ethical Consumer | Corporate Watch |


The DRUDGE REPORT offers a significant number of news and opinion links.
| Coming Attractions | Ain't It Cool News | The Smoking Gun | Strange but true weird news, satire, secrets, and political humor | Jim Romenesko's MediaGossip.Com | General Entertainment | Entertainment News and Media | Entertainment Gossip |


Send someone a card

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards

Lots more choices for virtual cards may be found at Yahoo! Entertainment:Virtual Cards (many sites in this directory allow free cards, while some will want to charge you)


Portal Sites for Kids

Yahooligans web guide for kids | The Yuckiest Site on the Internet | Disney | Surfing the Net with Kids | KIDSNET | Safe Kids Home Page | Information Please Kids' Almanac: On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia,and Homework Help |

(NOTE: Folks, please notify me immediately (via my feedback page) if you find one of the suggested kid links above has changed to something unsuitable for children. -- JR)


Portal Sites (and other links) for Parents/Grandparents

| Parent Soup | ABC's of Parenting | Myria - The magazine for mothers | Pregnancy & Parenting: For Today's Mom - iVillage | ParentNews | ivillage for parents | KidSource OnLine | FamilySeek | FamilyEducation Network | Family.com | Safety Alerts - Free information about baby safety, autos, childsafe toys, harmful dangerous products, recalls for safetyviolations. | FDA, Recalls and Safety Alerts | KIDS IN DANGER | Consumer Reports | Recalls | Government Safety Press Releases | Food Safety News and Safety Alerts (here's a more generic link if the first doesn't work) | FDA Enforcement Report Index | Agency for toxic substances and disease information |

| Kids-In-Mind: The Parents' Guide to Movies & Video | SCREEN IT! ENTERTAINMENT REVIEWS FOR PARENTS | Find My Mate | Social Net | The Onion (humor) | CyberCheeze (Humor) | Hecklers Online (Humor) | Center for the Easily Amused (Humor) | TUCOWS (downloads) | Chumbo - The Ultimate [download] Source | Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen | Sam Barros' PowerLabs! | Science Toys you can make with your kids |


Miscellaneous Pages

| J.R.'s How to Make Real Money Page (with your computer and/or web site) | J.R.'s Dirt Cheap PC and Killer Deals Page | How to Change Your Luck | How Small-time Web Sites can Make it Financially on the Web |


| Open Directory Project | LookSmart | PowerReporting.com (a portal/web index for reporters and journalists) | Excite Home | Yahoo! | Maczynski's Info Page | E! Online | GO Network |

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