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The fine print of legend-building

This page last updated on or about 3-22-07

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It's our expectation very few legend-builders will ever come near to having problems with our fine print provisions. Indeed, we'd rather not have any fine print at all! But the world being what it is, we must. For both our sakes and yours.

Important notes regarding legend-building

The name or title you wish to represent your legend on our site should not itself be obscene or racist or hate, violence, or war-mongering in nature. We reserve the right to refuse any and all such names or titles for legends at our sole discretion.

Please avoid attempts to use a celebrity's name here. Such things can be trademarked or otherwise loaded with legal liabilities, and so are likely to be refused for legend-building.

J.R. Mooneyham retains full authorship and all copyrights on his stories in any form, with no exceptions. Buying a legend link does NOT bring with it ownership rights of the stories, in any way. You must create your own.

Where your own stories of legend draw upon or relate to elements of my web site, please respect my own (J.R. Mooneyham's) fictional efforts by avoiding more than passing references to my own unique characters (J. Staute, Kerri, Cluke, the Pearsalls, etc., etc.). And if such references to my characters are included in your work, please do not make any significant changes to the course of those events specifically depicted by me on-site (unless of course your story explicitly describes an alternate or parallel universe or dimension(s), distinct and separate from the one I portray).

Legend link boxes on our site will NOT contain images: only text.

Legend links will ONLY appear on our site inside the appropriate link box, of the appropriate page, as indicated in the catalog of current cameo/legend linkboxes and their web addresses. Yes, as indicated here, there is some overlap in the opportunities available for legend-building and supplemental character cameo creation.

Content policies regarding the destination URLS for links embedded on our site

So what's our policies regarding the destination link you'll use for your legend-building? Concerning the subject matter, quality of language, and potential imagery? Well, our own site content would mostly rate as 'G' for 'General Audience' in movie terms (with a handful of notable exceptions, where it might reach PG-13 or so).

We're fairly open-minded here. But if you want your link on our site to lead directly to content in the realm of "R" or beyond, you'd best offer a suitable warning to folks on the first page they'll see upon arrival. So they can turn back if they want, before anything possibly objectionable gets in their face.

Besides being the polite thing to do (and easy!), it's also MANDATORY. Else your legend link on our site will go dead pretty quickly, once we find out about it.

Other things that get your legend link broken include content which is startlingly, overwhelmingly obscene, pornographic, encouraging or enabling of hate, war, violence, or malevolent computer cracking, or consisting of other items which might be objectionable or appear criminally misleading to most reasonable and educated adults. We also won't knowingly link to items which appear to have been stolen from others. Or to malware sites, or sites which otherwise attempt to seize control of a surfer's computer or browser, or install spyware.

Ergo, we reserve the right to refuse any and all submitted destination URLs at our sole discretion. And at any time (so sorry bad guys, but bait-and-switch tactics in destination content won't work here).

We also reserve the right to change the specifications and conditions of posting on this site and related domains exclusively at our own discretion, and without notice. We also will not be held responsible for outages stemming from our site host(s), your site host(s), your or our internet service providers, and all other technical elements completely or largely beyond our control.

We reserve the right to change, modify, or edit the content on each and every one of our site pages at our sole discretion, and without notice.

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Copyright © 2003-2007 by J.R. Mooneyham. All rights reserved.