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Mayan X

Approximately 780 AD - 900 AD: An unusual member of the Mayan elite helps lead his nation into ruin to serve his own ends

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This page last updated on or about 1-16-07

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[Caution: Extreme speculation ahead; this section mostly created for "What If?" entertainment value]

His actual name is not available, due to gaps in the records and his own preferences for anonymity, even during his lifetime among the Mayan elite. Therefore we'll refer to him simply as Mayan X in this document.

Mayan X enjoys a strength of influence over the other Mayan elite that seems inexplicable to the populace at large, but makes no moves to assume kingship power directly, preferring to rule from the shadows. After all, if he succeeds in prolonging his existence to match his ambitions, the less historical mention of his actions the better.

(It turned out he needn't have worried about the historical record; fanatical religious factions among the europeans who will invade South America centuries from now will destroy virtually every historical and scientific record or document they can find on the continent.)

Mayan X is a very rare type of human being. A stable, high level Organizational Matrix prodigy. This type of being will not be recognized again by human science for over a thousand years. But a small group of desperate dying scientists and engineers of earlier millennia and half a world away knew of them.

Mayan X enjoys a direct lineage from the group of surviving children of the southeast asian peninsula city-states stranded on the South American coast around 22,000 BC. All Mayan X's predecessors among the survivors were prodigies or partial prodigies. Thus they tended to dominate the other survivors with their various combinations of pusher, high healer, foci, and memori skills. This domination easily expanded to include the natives of the strange land in which they found themselves marooned.

One thing that had helped the survivor children early on was their exotic skin color, compared to the native South Americans. The children were of Southeast Asian descent, and so much lighter or fairer in complexion compared to the darker descendents of Australian explorers which inhabited western South America at their landing.

However, as most of the survivor children matured and interbred with non-prodigies, their specially cultured gene pool became ever more diluted, with the potential for more Matrix Prodigies becoming ever more remote (as skin tones also became darker). But Mayan X's forebears had been the exception, tending to breed more often with other pure bred survivors of the peninsula war, than not. This had kept the prodigy powers strong in his line. Of course, the liabilities of prodigies often came along with the benefits: stillborns, brain damage at birth, a slippery slope towards insanity for teens and adults, and other miscellaneous ills. But Mayan X was lucky. He possessed virtually all the benefits with almost none of the problems-- at least to his own way of thinking (in truth he was quite mad; but also sufficiently brilliant and competent at survival to easily sidestep most pitfalls into which his insanity might otherwise lead him).

But he wanted more. He wanted the full rejuvenation and life extension powers of the banned technologies of OM vats-- as well as the amplification of his own powers of influence on others-- as described in the legends still told and retold among the progeny of the original survivors. Though the stories warned of the ills which befell their homeland due in part to such powers, Mayan X ignored those portions of the tales.

Mayan X's forebears' efforts to maintain their genetically-based prodigy powers over the generations kept their line's lighter complexion and Asian facial features intact as well-- which literally saved their progeny's lives over ensuing millennia as a horde of Asian invaders streaming down the coast via boat and overland from Bering land bridge crossings stormed down North America and then entered South America too, slaughtering the black Australians in much the same manner they killed all the megafauna of the regions they swept through too.

In less than a thousand years the black faces of South America were almost entirely gone, replaced by paler Asian expressions.

Mayan X's line was saved largely by their Asian countenance and the many disease immunities they shared with the new arrivals. This allowed them the time to use their more subtle influences to climb back once again into priesthood status, this time among the wholly new peoples populating the continent.

Mayan X's ancestors, being nearly all of a revered priesthood among the Australian-origin South Americans due to their unusual abilities and appearance, had managed to hold onto much of the treasures bequeathed them by the adults who'd left the children on the shore and never returned. One of these items was an actual OM vat. Mayan X's parents had instructed him in everything they knew about its power; but unfortunately most of the knowledge in this regard had been lost across the generations before them-- especially during the massacre by the invaders from the north. Eventually, virtually no other significant descendents of the original marooned children existed in the region any longer, but for Mayan X himself. As a result Mayan X knew of only one element in the vat's repertoire which might be of use to his goals: the technique for bonding his mind to the OM soup held within it. The method was meant to add his knowledge and consciousness to those of others already assimilated by the vat, sometime near to his death, as a store of accumulated wisdom for later generations. But due to all the problems associated with their stranding, the vat had never received the regular injection of consciousness and knowledge meant for it, and thus had lain fallow all these many centuries.

Mayan X meant to live forever by way of the vat, if he could manage it. But there were so many problems with setting up the Mayan Empire to support him adequately after his transference to the OM soup...it looked like he needed to destroy the whole thing and rebuild it again from the ground up...

To be continued...

The entity Mayan X manages to become will eventually threaten the existence of all humanity's far future progeny, as described in Chapter five: Contact of the online epic The Chance of a Realtime.

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