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The Pope sits across from George Bush with a pained look on his face

More references regarding the Bush Presidency as perhaps the worst ever in US history

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"We may never discover the full story of what happened here...It seems like they just didn't want the e-mails preserved....[this development] gives us confirmation that the Bush administration lied when they said no e-mails were missing."

-- Melanie Sloan, CREW's executive director

"many poor choices were made during the Bush administration and there was little concern about the availability of e-mail records despite the fact that they were contending with regular subpoenas for records and had a legal obligation to preserve their records."

-- Meredith Fuchs, general counsel to the National Security Archive

"We may never discover the full story of what happened here...It seems like they just didn't want the e-mails preserved....[this development] gives us confirmation that the Bush administration lied when they said no e-mails were missing."

-- Melanie Sloan, CREW's executive director

-- 22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found By PETE YOST 12-14-09, yahoo.com

"Perhaps the most difficult development of the decade for Americans was the transformation of their global image from sole superpower and good-guy to evil empire and trampler of human rights. Already tainted by the scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison, American ideals were furthere eroded by the extra-judicial treatment and brutal interrogation techniques at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. To the rest of the world, Gitmo dimmed the light of liberty that America claimed to safeguard."

-- TIME magazine, December 2009

"Perhaps the most difficult development of the decade for Americans was the transformation of their global image from sole superpower and good-guy to evil empire and trampler of human rights. Already tainted by the scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison, American ideals were furthere eroded by the extra-judicial treatment and brutal interrogation techniques at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. To the rest of the world, Gitmo dimmed the light of liberty that America claimed to safeguard."

-- The 10 Worst Things About the Worst Decade Ever - Photo Essays - TIME found on or about 12-11-09

-- The '00s: Goodbye (at Last) to the Decade From Hell By Andy Serwer Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009

-- Vast majority of scientists say Bush Administration suppressed research findings

-- Bush's big lies Behind the sordid memos that purported to give legal justification for the war on terror. Rosa Brooks March 5, 2009

-- Harpers editor: America had a dictator for eight years David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster Published: Friday March 6, 2009

"For al-Qaeda, as a matter of image and tone, George W. Bush had been a near-perfect foil"

-- To Combat Obama, Al-Qaeda Hurls Insults Effort Hints at Group's Consternation By Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, January 25, 2009; A01

-- Bush by the Numbers Jan 25, 2009

-- Bush left ’sickening legacy’ says Saudi Ambassador By Clarity Staff Reporter on January 24th, 2009

"On the way out, I glanced upward and saw Marine One, the presidential helicopter, overhead. Bush was in it, hovering above a crowd of 2 million of his countrymen that he had betrayed. Like the aforementioned Ceausescu, he ignored the rule of law and turned his country into a fiefdom for cronies and sycophants. It's hard to believe it ever happened but we're not going to forget. Ever."

-- Bob Merlis

"On the way out, I glanced upward and saw Marine One, the presidential helicopter, overhead. Bush was in it, hovering above a crowd of 2 million of his countrymen that he had betrayed. Like the aforementioned Ceausescu, he ignored the rule of law and turned his country into a fiefdom for cronies and sycophants. It's hard to believe it ever happened but we're not going to forget. Ever."

-- Thoughts About Romania and the Inauguration by Bob Merlis January 22, 2009

-- A disastrous presidency January 18, 2009

-- Bush's legacy is America's shame Although Americans would be wary of admitting it to others, we know the wreckage left behind by the outgoing administration Michael Tomasky guardian.co.uk, Sunday 18 January 2009

-- Most see Bush presidency as a failure, poll shows - CNN.com By Paul Steinhauser 1-20-09

-- Newspapers around the world skewer Bush on eve of departure John Byrne Published: Monday January 19, 2009

-- The Top 43 Appointees Who Helped Make Bush The Worst President Ever By Think Progress on Jan 17th, 2009

-- Bush's Departure Cleaning up the mess Jan. 18, 2009

"...one of the least popular and most divisive presidents in American history...George Bush has presided over the most catastrophic collapse in America’s reputation since the second world war. The American economy is in deep recession...America is embroiled in two wars, one of which Mr Bush launched against the tide of world opinion...the three most notable characteristics of the Bush presidency: partisanship, politicisation and incompetence."

-- The Economist, Jan 15th 2009

"HE LEAVES the White House as one of the least popular and most divisive presidents in American history. At home, his approval rating has been stuck in the 20s for months; abroad, George Bush has presided over the most catastrophic collapse in America’s reputation since the second world war. The American economy is in deep recession, brought on by a crisis that forced Mr Bush to preside over huge and unpopular bail-outs.

America is embroiled in two wars, one of which Mr Bush launched against the tide of world opinion. The Bush family name, once among the most illustrious in American political life, is now so tainted that Jeb, George’s younger brother, recently decided not to run for the Senate from Florida. A Bush relative describes family gatherings as “funeral wakes”.

"...the three most notable characteristics of the Bush presidency: partisanship, politicisation and incompetence. Mr Bush was the most partisan president in living memory."

-- George Bush's legacy

-- The frat boy ships out Few people will mourn the departure of the 43rd president Jan 15th 2009 From The Economist print edition

-- So Long Worst President Ever; 10 Reasons History Will Hang You There are probably a hundred examples where Bush conservatism failed; here are the top 10. By Bernie Horn, Campaign for America's Future. Posted January 16, 2009.

-- No friend to America's workers George Bush broke America's economic and social bonds. We'll be paying for these mistakes long after he's gone Sasha Abramsky guardian.co.uk, Friday 16 January 2009

"If there was a way the Bush administration could have diminished America, it did."

-- David Michael Green

"If there was a way the Bush administration could have diminished America, it did."

-- So, How'd You Like Your Beer? by David Michael Green January 16, 2009 by CommonDreams.org

-- Seven most horrible things about Bush presidency Commentary: An alternative to commander-in-chief's view of his time in office By Rex Nutting, MarketWatch Jan. 14, 2009

-- Majority Rates Bush as One of America’s Worst Presidents January 13, 2009

"...the most haunting entries may be those which document the toll taken on the American people over the last eight years, including pollution that causes 20,000 deaths a year and puts 60,000 newborns at risk of neurological problems., a two-thirds dropoff in the cleanup of toxic waste sites, and 2.5 million toxic toys recalled in the summer of 2007."

"The results of the investigation, which are summarized at CPI's PaperTrail blog and presented in full at its Broken Government project, are stunning in their scope even for those who have been following the scandals of the last eight years.

According to the CPI, "Some of these problems were in place well before George W. Bush’s inauguration, but were exacerbated by his policies or worsened by his administration’s actions (or inactions). Many of the failings are tied to Bush appointees who appear to have been selected primarily on the basis of ideology and loyalty, rather than competence."

"However, the most haunting entries may be those which document the toll taken on the American people over the last eight years, including pollution that causes 20,000 deaths a year and puts 60,000 newborns at risk of neurological problems., a two-thirds dropoff in the cleanup of toxic waste sites, and 2.5 million toxic toys recalled in the summer of 2007."

-- Watchdog group: Depth of Bush failures surprised even us Muriel Kane; December 10, 2008

-- Forty ways in which the federal government failed to perform under the administration of George W. Bush, 2001-2008 12-10-08

-- ‘Incompetent’ is the top word that Americans associate with President Bush. By Matt Corley 12-18-08

-- The bill for the Bush administration W. and the damage done President Bush inherited a peaceful, prosperous America. As he exits, Salon consults experts in seven fields to try to assess the devastation. By Vincent Rossmeier and Gabriel Winant; Jan. 8, 2009

"To many Americans, the Bush administration was a national disaster."

-- Bill Schneider, CNN senior political analyst, December 9, 2008

-- Poll: 79% approve of way Obama is handling transition From Paul Steinhauser; 12-9-2008

'He Kept Us Safe' - Unless You Count the Dead People by Barry Nolan; Sunday, December 7, 2008

"What a difference a handful of years makes. Now, overseas, we are a joke. A threat. A toxin. We are considered reckless and arrogant and ignorant, dangerous not just to the rest of the world but to the overall health of the planet. No one anywhere understands how a man like Bush can be the leader of the Free World, stolen election or no."

-- Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist, 2006

"George W. Bush's presidency appears headed for colossal historical disgrace."

"No previous president appears to have squandered the public's trust more than Bush has."

-- SEAN WILENTZ, a leading American historian, 2006

-- George W. Bush Is Dead To Me Nation cringes as the worst president ever continues long, painful slog to the end By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist Friday, July 7, 2006

Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? By Jan Frel, AlterNet. Posted July 10, 2006.

-- The Worst President in History? by SEAN WILENTZ; Apr 21, 2006; rollingstone.com

"He is the worst president in all of American history."
-- Helen Thomas, US journalist, 2003

-- Doubting Thomas offers her press veteran’s take on state of presidency By John Bogert; dailybreeze.copleypress.org; The dates of January 19 and January 28, 2003 were both present in this article.

"...It's difficult to think of anyone who has inflicted more harm on Americans than their current president."

-- This week by Terry Jones; May 22, 2004; guardian.co.uk

"...eight in ten historians responding rate the current presidency an overall failure"

-- Historians vs. George W. Bush By Robert S. McElvaine; 5-17-04; hnn.us

-- POLL: 80% of Historians see Bush as Failure; atsnn.com

"I think this is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history. It has engaged in extradordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign policy and economics but also in social and environmental policy..."

-- American Nobel Prize laureate for Economics George A. Akerlof

-- US Nobel Laureate Slams Bush Gov't as "Worst" in American History; commondreams.org, July 15, 2004; citing an article published July 29, 2003 by IRNA in Der Spiegel magazine (http://www.spiegel.de/)

"...the Bush administration has ignored unbiased scientific advice in the policy-making that is so important to our collective welfare....It's unusual [for Nobel laureates to take public stands like this], and I hope you take this as a sign of how seriously all of us think the errors of our present course are"

-- Burton Richter, 1976 Nobel Prize winner for Physics

-- 48 Nobel Prize winners slam Bush, back Kerry By Jill Zuckman; Chicago Tribune; Jun 22, 2004

-- Nobel Winners Back Kerry, Say Bush Ignores Science By John Whitesides; Jun 21, 2004; reuters.com

-- Bush Receives “F” For Environmental Issues on LCV 2003 Presidential Report Card; Report Says Bush Favors Corporate Interests Over the Public Interest When It Comes to Protecting America’s Air, Land and Water; June 24, 2003; Contact: Josh Galper or Dan Vicuña (202) 454-4678; The League of Conservation Voters; lcv.org

-- US government worst ever on environmental issues: Greenpeace; Nov 14, 2003; terradaily.com

"Bush is not merely the worst president in recent memory. He's the worst in all US history...Let's count the ways..."

-- Bush wins Triple Trifecta as worst president ever by Harvey Wasserman; freepress.org; February 16, 2004, also posted here

"The invasion and occupation of Iraq is turning out to have been the worst idea in the history of American foreign policy..."

-- The Worst Idea, Ever Invading Iraq, that is by Justin Raimondo; April 5, 2004; antiwar.com

-- Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports By Seth Borenstein; Knight Ridder Newspapers; Jun. 29, 2004; realcities.com

"Bush arguably has committed the greatest strategic blunder in modern memory. To put it bluntly, he attacked the wrong target."

-- James Webb, Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan

"The reputation and good will abroad of the United States has been devastated"

"Few presidents were less prepared for office than Mr. Bush."

"What other governmental decisions can even be compared to this level of damage to American interests? The list to even consider is tellingly short...[the 1930 Smoot Hawley tariffs which worsened the Great Depression, the Senate rejection of the League of Nations in 1919, which likely contributed to the causes of WWII, and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution which escalated US involvement in Vietnam]"

"It will take the United States decades to recover."

-- Mr. Bush and Iraq The worst presidential decision of the last 100 years by Michael Kieschnick; 05.28.04; workingforchange.com

-- Why Bush is Worse; June 10, 2004; leanleft.com

-- Information Is Treason - Why Bush is worse than Reagan. By Timothy Noah; March 16, 2004; slate.msn.com

"...potentially the most corrupt, unethical and undemocratic White House in history"

-- Bush's administration is worse than Nixon's, says Watergate aide By Julian Coman; 04/04/2004; telegraph.co.uk

"He has failed to grasp that the first responsibility of the modern American president is to make sure things don't get worse...it is a lot easier to screw things up than it is to make things better."

-- Worst president ... ever! by Nathan Valentine | Daily Illini; April 19, 2004; dailyillini.com

"His presidency will haunt US foreign policy for generations to come."

-- Dave Winer

-- Scripting News 5-19-2004; archive.scripting.com

-- U.S. Faces Lasting Damage Abroad Moral High Ground Lost, Experts Say By Robin Wright; Washington Post; May 7, 2004; Page A26

"In some ways, I think the great days of the U.S. may be past. In Iraq, we have seen a great diminution of our international position."

-- The World According to Galbraith; Edited by Patricia O'Connell; APRIL 26, 2004; businessweek.com

"...more than 400 legal scholars urging members of the House and Senate to consider impeaching the president..."

-- Kennedy won't back Bush impeachment; June 17, 2004; The Associated Press; msnbc.msn.com

"...The public was told that Saddam posed an imminent threat...If that claim was fraudulent...the selling of the war is arguably the worst scandal in American political history - worse than Watergate, worse than Iran-contra."

-- Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist

-- Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense? By JOHN W. DEAN; Jun. 06, 2003; writ.news.findlaw.com

"No question: John Ashcroft is the worst attorney general in history." (Ashcroft is a Bush appointee)

-- Travesty of Justice By PAUL KRUGMAN; June 15, 2004; nytimes.com

"[the Abu Ghraib prison scandal is] a worse blow to the United States than Sept. 11."

-- Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, 2004

-- The pope and the president by John L. Allen Jr. NYT; June 04, 2004; iht.com

"I think we will in time come to be very ashamed of this period in history,"

-- Chas Freeman, one of an organization of retired US diplomats and generals urging Bush's ouster from the Presidency.

-- Ex-officials lash Bush policies; news.bbc.co.uk; 16 June, 2004

"I believe that future historians will look back on the past three years with disbelief and utter disdain."

-- The Worst President Ever by Paul Cummins; March 31 - April 6, 2004; smmirror.com

-- The "Enronization" of America By Thane Peterson; JUNE 10, 2003; Businessweek

-- U.S. becoming Big Brother society: Report; Associated Press; Jan. 16, 2003

"I think George Bush is the most corrupt American president since Harding in the Twenties"

-- Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London

-- Livingstone attacks President Bush ; BBC; 8 May, 2003

-- Yahoo! News - London's fiery mayor urges US voters to sack Bush; AFP; Jun 2, 2004; story.news.yahoo.com

-- Follow the Money, Bush, 9-11 and Deep Threat by Fran Shor; www.counterpunch.org; May 21, 2002

"I think the United States is setting itself up for a Latin American-style financial crisis"

-- Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

"...if he [Bush] wins reelection to the White House, an economic meltdown will become "inevitable."...[according to Krugman]"

-- NY Times Columnist Sees Gloom in America's Future By Mark Egan; Reuters; September 16, 2003

-- Switching sides, Iacocca endorses Kerry; June 25, 2004; cnn.com; this news was also seen at Yahoo! News - Iacocca Changes Support From Bush to Kerry

"A small minority of economists are already sounding warnings that interest rates and inflation will rise to unacceptable levels by the end of next year or early 2005."

"And when it all unravels, it will unravel fast" -- Diane Swonk, chief economist, Bank One Corp

-- The War and the Economy By Jonathan Weisman; Washington Post; September 16, 2003; Page E01

"Is George Bush the most dangerous president in U.S. history?"

According to Professor John Swomley, "...the administration has directed the military to prepare plans to use nuclear weapons against at least seven countries - China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya and Iraq."

"The problem we face today is one that Al Gore described as a new doctrine that destroys the goal of a world in which states consider themselves subject to law, in favor of the notion that there is no law but the discretion of the president of the United States" -- Professor John Swomley, teacher of Christian ethics, the St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City

-- Bush would use mini-nukes, prof warns By Dave Zweifel; September 15, 2003; The Capital Times

As of 2004 the USA is basically spending 140 million dollars per EACH terrorist worldwide, PER YEAR, in Bush's 'war on terror'...to be paid for later by our children and their children...

"...Let's assume that there are only 5,000 hard core terrorists in the world...We spend, all in, $700 billion a year on defense/security. That's $140,000,000 per terrorist...."

-- John Robb's Weblog; July 06, 2004; jrobb.mindplex.org

-- Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years; June 24, 2004 Contact: (510) 632-1366; media@independent.org

"future generations...will ultimately have to pay the price for his fiscal irresponsibility"

-- Paying the Price; Washington Post; September 14, 2003; Page B06

"...borrowing that will make life in America a very different experience for generations to come"

-- Dizzying Dive to Red Ink Poses Stark Choices for Washington By DAVID FIRESTONE; Sep 14, 2003; The New York Times/Yahoo! News

-- Bush's Tax Cuts a Form of National Insanity By ROBERT FREEMAN; May 30, 2003; counterpunch.org

-- Foreigners See U.S. as 'Greedy Bully' By Michel Martin; ABC News; December 4, 2003

-- The American administration is a bloodthirsty wild animal By Harold Pinter; 11/12/2002; dailytelegraph.co.uk

-- Subject: Why the World's Opinion of Us Matters; From: Robert Wright; A Real War on Terrorism; Sept. 5, 2002; slate.msn.com

-- Rogue States? America Ought to Know The Hyperpower Sets Its Own Rules apparently by Phyllis Bennis; Mar 01 2002; tompaine.com

-- A rising anti-American tide by Brian Knowlton; International Herald Tribune; December 5, 2002

-- Approval of U.S. dives in new poll; Toronto Star

-- World Image of U.S. Declines (washingtonpost.com) By Richard Morin; December 5, 2002; Page A26

-- Why even allies are now anti-US - AUG 15, 2002

-- Global warmth for U.S. after 9/11 turns to frost By Ellen Hale, USA TODAY; 08/14/2002

-- 'We are loathed, and I think the world has every right to loathe us, because they see us as greedy, self-interested and almost totally unconcerned about poverty, disease and suffering'

-- World's View of U.S. Sours After Iraq War, Poll Finds; New York Times

"It is a fact that outside the United States many regard the world's only super-power with increasing suspicion and in some cases hostility"

-- Douglas N. Daft, chairman of Coca-Cola

-- America is now a hard sell; found on or about 10-9-03

-- Poll suggests world hostile to US; BBC; 16 June, 2003

-- World support for U.S. at new low, survey finds; The Associated Press/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 6/3/03

"Legislators Say White House Setting Stage for World War"

-- Russia Delays Ratifying Nuclear Treaty With U.S. By Sharon LaFraniere; March 18, 2003; Washington Post

-- Carter says warlike stance hurting America's reputation; Associated Press/Athens Banner-Herald; February 22, 2003

-- Iraq 'first battle of a wider US war' by Richard Norton-Taylor; May 20, 2003; The Guardian

"We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world - a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully"

-- Hunter S Thompson

-- The honest outlaw by Paul Theroux; May 17, 2003; The Guardian

"Now it's official: American troops occupying Iraq...have become virtually indistinguishable from the SS...The new tone of lawlessness comes all the way from the White House..."

-- Yahoo! News - AN ARMY OF SCUM By Ted Rall; May 4, 2004; story.news.yahoo.com

"I myself feel that our country, for whose Constitution I fought in a just war, might as well have been invaded by Martians and body snatchers"

-- Kurt Vonnegut

-- Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@ By Joel Bleifuss; 1.27.03;In These Times

"neoconservatives in and around the Bush administration are beginning to aggressively push a chilling agenda for a generalized war against much of the Arab and Islamic worlds"

-- The Misadventures of Neoconservatives by Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish; commondreams.org; October 20, 2003; previously published April 15, 2003 by the Chicago Tribune

-- Citizens in Muslim countries fear attack by U.S., poll says

-- Chomsky Says US Foreign Policy Amounts to International Terrorism by Satya Sivaraman; October 20, 2003; commondreams.org; previously published February 4, 2002 by the Inter Press Service

-- Nelson Mandela says U.S. wants a holocaust; Associated Press/Bell Globemedia Inc.; Jan. 30 2003

-- Mandela: U.S. wants holocaust - Jan. 30, 2003; CNN

-- U.S. Diplomats Decry `Military Coup'

-- 'For a country that likes to talk about peace, it sure doesn't practise it much'

"Rebuilding America's Defenses (RAD)" is a policy document published by a neoconservative Washington think tank called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Its pages have been compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf in that they outline an aggressive military plan for U.S. world domination during the coming century"

-- 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' and the Project for the New American Century by Bette Stockbauer; June 18, 2003; antiwar.com

-- President Bush against the world; The Globe and Mail

-- THE ROGUE STATE by JOHN PILGER; 20 October 2003; mirror.com

-- The arrogance of the Bush Doctrine By Robert Scheer; Salon; Sept. 25, 2002

-- It's Empire Versus Democracy By Tom Hayden, AlterNet; September 10, 2002

-- West Point Honors Grad Says: Bush is a Threat to World Peace by DAVID WIGGINS; September 25, 2002

-- The US will be legislator, judge and executioner by Richard Norton-Taylor; November 18, 2002; The Guardian

-- Adrian Hamilton: It is wrong to be judge, jury and executioner; UK Independent; 06 November 2002

-- 'The United States of America has gone mad'; Times Online [second URL: The United States of America Has Gone Mad by John le Carré; October 20, 2003; commondreams.org; previously published January 15, 2003 by the Times/UK

-- Friends and allies wonder what's happened to the United States By HELEN THOMAS; HEARST NEWSPAPERS/Seattle Post-Intelligencer; August 30, 2002

-- Wall Street vs. U.S. government: Which is sneakier?

-- A Corporate (Crime) State by Ralph Nader; June 15/16, 2002; counterpunch.org

"One-quarter of public firms have to amend reports after SEC review – a sign of widespread manipulation."

-- How many Enrons are there? More than people may think. csmonitor.com By Ron Scherer; The Christian Science Monitor; July 03, 2002 edition - http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/0703/p03s02-usec.html

-- US bankruptcies break records; BBC; 30 December, 2002

"...By some measures, as the Economic Policy Institute noted, we are in "the longest continuous stretch of job decline since 1944-46."..."

-- Meanwhile, Back in the Job Market By E. J. Dionne Jr.; March 14, 2003; Page A27; The Washington Post

Only the US President Herbert Hoover offered a worse economic performance than George W. Bush has so far.

-- Squandering Prosperity By Harold Meyerson; The American Prospect vol. 14 no. 6, June 1, 2003

-- Bush Jobs Record Still Worst Since President Hoover by Scott Lilly; April 2, 2004; americanprogress.org

"...David Tice is quite bearish and believes the U.S. is headed for a long and painful ride downhill"

-- Prudent Global Income Fund By Cheryl Peress July 1, 2003; fundemail.com

"...the US is heading for maybe the greatest financial mess in world history"

-- Sage Financial Advice From Legendary Richard Russell; 16.07.2003; iraqwar.ru

"Tax revenue has fallen for three straight years, a streak not seen since the Depression."

-- Budget Deficit May Surpass $450 Billion By Jonathan Weisman; Washington Post; July 15, 2003; Page A01

-- US 'faces future of chronic deficits'

"The [US] consumer sector has never been more indebted and corporations are going bankrupt in record numbers"

-- Asia, its reserves and the coming dollar crisis - FinanceAsia.com By Richard Duncan 21 May 2003; FinanceAsia.com

-- Finances of U.S. States Called Worst Since World War II; New York Times

"Clearly the Bush Administration is the most secretive administration in decades or longer"

-- Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy, Federation of American Scientists

-- Escalating secrecy wars by Bill Berkowitz; WorkingForChange; 07.09.03

"We have a bloated, corrupt and unaccountable military industrial congressional system that thrives on a policy of perpetual war for perpetual peace"

-- David Theroux, president of The Independent Institute

-- Pork Greases U.S. Weapons Program By Elliot Borin; Jan. 21, 2003; WIRED

"...we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disasterous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

-- Dwight D. Eisenhower, US Republican President, 1961

-- page 815, Dwight David Eisenhower, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 15th edition, by John Barlett, Little, Brown, and Company, 1980

-- Companies can use new Homeland Security Act to shield their misdeeds

-- Are We Protecting Secrets or Removing Safeguards? (washingtonpost.com) By Gary S. Guzy; November 24, 2002; Page B01

"Is the Bush administration using terrorism fears to shield government -- and business -- from public view?"

-- Official Secrets by Daniel Franklin January/February 2003 Issue; www.motherjones.com

-- The Bush Administration’s Secrecy Policy: A Call to Action to Protect Democratic Values; 10/25/2002; OMB Watch

-- Ashcroft Seeks to Abuse Use of 'Secret Court'

-- Secrets and Lies - Seventy-five little reasons to be terrified of the FISA court. By Dahlia Lithwick; Aug. 29, 2002; slate.msn.com

-- Silence About Secrecy (washingtonpost.com) By Mary McGrory; September 12, 2002; Page A23

-- Members hit White House over secrecy =TheHill.com=

-- 'Homeland Secrecy'; July 30, 2002; San Francisco Chronicle

-- Security, Not Secrecy (washingtonpost.com); July 17, 2002; Page A22

-- Too many secrets

-- The Secret War on Whistle-Blowers Code of Quiet by Geoffrey Gray; June 19 - 25, 2002; www.villagevoice.com

-- White House Secrecy Shows Contempt for Public; Oct. 14, 2002; Dan Gillmor's eJournal

"In a democracy, its important to know what the government is doing"

-- attorney Diane Campbell

-- Cornell University ordered to release documents under FOI Law; The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press; Nov 20, 2002

-- Bush's Bent on Secrecy Is Dangerous to Democracy; Newsday

-- Cheney's War On The Public's Right To Know by Arianna Huffington; ariannaonline.com; February 27, 2002

-- The Bush Administration’s Secrecy Policy: A Call to Action to Protect Democratic Values ; 10/25/2002; OMB Watch

-- Cheney's Winning Formula -- Secrecy Plus Fear Equals A Pliant Public by Jill Rachel Jacobs; tompaine.com; May 21 2002

-- MORE THAN JUST HIS LOCATION REMAINS UNDISCLOSED: Why Dick Cheney's Secrecy Scheme For Pre-9/11 Information Makes No Sense By JOHN W. DEAN; May. 24, 2002; FindLaw's Writ

-- Bush View of Secrecy Is Stirring Frustration (washingtonpost.com) By Ellen Nakashima; March 3, 2002; Page A04

-- For Bush, secrecy is a matter of loyalty By Laurence McQuillan; USA TODAY Page 1A; 2002 [found on or about 3-20-02]

-- Why the Secrecy Shield? By Philip E. Coyle III; washingtonpost.com ; June 11, 2002; Page A25

-- Fear Drives the Making of a Secret Government

-- Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret (washingtonpost.com) By Barton Gellman and Susan Schmidt; March 1, 2002; Page A01

-- Plan Was Formed in Utmost Secrecy (washingtonpost.com) By Dana Milbank; June 7, 2002; Page A01

"Haddad Case Forces Rare Glimpse of Secret U.S. Campaign"

-- In Michigan, Anti-Terrorism Effort Goes PublicBy Dan Eggen and Kari Lydersen; Washington Post; May 6, 2002; Page A03

"Anger in NYC Over Nuclear Threat Kept Secret"

-- 'Right to Know' By Brian Ross; ABC News; March 4, 2002

-- White House, Pentagon livid about leakers By Alexis Simendinger, National Journal; October 26, 2001

-- HHS Seeks Science Advice to Match Bush Views (washingtonpost.com) By Rick Weiss; September 17, 2002; Page A01

-- Science and Secrets Technology Review

-- There's a lot Cheney feels we don't need to know by Gene Collier; May 22, 2002; post-gazette

-- They've Got a Secret -- Lots, Actually By Dana Milbank; Washington Post; May 21, 2002; Page A15

-- Justice Dept. Balks at Effort to Study Antiterror Powers; New York Times

-- 'judge believes he was misled by the government'; Newsday

-- CNN chief claims US media 'censored' war

-- US Takes Censorship Lessons from China: SF Indymediaby Micah Cavaleri; December 18, 2002

-- Government takes troubling control of too many need-to-know decisions; November 20, 2002; Detroit Free Press

-- Companies can use new Homeland Security Act to shield their misdeeds

-- Are We Protecting Secrets or Removing Safeguards? (washingtonpost.com) By Gary S. Guzy; November 24, 2002; Page B01

-- Slashdot: Science Is Hurt by Secrecy Policy Set Up by the White House; October 20 [2002 appears to be the year]

-- Keeping Secrets By Anastasia Heeger; ABC News; Sept. 18 [the original year of publication isn't necessarily stamped on ABC reports online, but the article was present on 10-20-03]

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"Seeing crucial computer-science work threatened, a Princeton professor takes on Congress"

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"GOP and Democratic Lawmakers Frustrated as White House Reveals Little"

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"Lawmakers Say Oversight Is Blocked"

-- Ashcroft Assailed On Policy Review By Dan Eggen; Washington Post; August 21, 2002; Page A02

"The Bush Administration has made it pretty apparent that it is obsessed with secrecy"

-- More than Just a Fun Name to Say by Brian Balta; Aug. 21, 2002; hoosierreview.com

-- Bush Seeks Secrecy For Pardon Discussions (washingtonpost.com) By George Lardner Jr.; August 27, 2002; Page A01

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-- FBI 'guilty of cover-up' over anthrax suspect by NICK PETERS; 16 Jun 2002; Scotsman.com

-- Questions irk White House -- The Washington Times

-- The secrecy administration

-- Head of Sept. 11 Probe Allegedly Obstructed Danforth's Waco Inquiry (washingtonpost.com) By Richard Leiby and Dana Priest; June 22, 2002; Page A06

-- Security bill bars blowing whistle -- The Washington Times

-- Critics: Missile agency will hide data; Salon.com

-- West tries to shield companies that made a monster of Baghdad by IAN MATHER; 22 Dec 2002; Scotsman.com

-- The U.S. propaganda machine is back

-- Shhhh -- Bills Drafted in Secret BY REBECCA WALSH; THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE; December 22, 2002

As Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Great power is almost always accompanied by great temptation. Just how ethical do you suppose most individuals would be if they possessed absolute power over all around them? Could command anyone to do whatever they wished, with no consequences whatsoever? Today America the nation possesses something very much like that with respect to the rest of the states on Earth.

-- page 615, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations by John Bartlett; 15th Edition, 1980; Little, Brown publisher

Believe it or not, the President of the USA's annual medical examination does not currently, and never has, included even a routine psychiatric examination. Virtually all other personnel expected to endure unusual stresses-- such as FBI and CIA agents, and professional pilots-- must at minimum pass a single such exam to begin their jobs. Not so the Presidency circa 2002, even though psychiatric problems there could literally bring on the end of the world.

-- Their Annual Checkups Should Be Complete (washingtonpost.com) By Alen J. Salerian; May 12, 2002; Page B03

-- Federal panel urges screening of adults for depression;The Associated Press/Nando Media/Nando Times; May 21, 2002

-- Fighting Mad Leader Disease (possibly by Rebecca Sloan Slotnick); Science Observer; November-December, 2001

-- 'dangers of the corporate psychopath'

In his youth, George W. Bush and pals loved stuffing firecrackers into frog's mouths, then throwing them up to see them explode in mid-air. Some psychiatric studies indicate many children who display such cruelty to animals later become adults who are abusive to family, friends, or co-workers.

-- Don't let Bush light Iraq fire by LINDA MCQUAIG; Dec. 15, 2002; Toronto Star Newspapers Limited

Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of communications from New York University, was compiling a book of 'Bush-isms', or comedic verbal errors of President George W. Bush, when he discovered some decidedly unfunny patterns to the president's comments.

The patterns appear to show a dark side to the president: a "sociopathic personality...incapable of empathy", who speaks most easily, comfortably, and coherently about topics like revenge and violence. By contrast, his verbal miscues most often appear in subjects he has little or no interest in, such as altruism and compassion. Furthermore, Bush appears to believe his personal inflexibility to be a virtue.

All this leads Bush's handlers to constantly be on the look out for him going ballistic in the language of hostile and angry retribution and violence to which he is so prone. One aspect of such handling is that Bush must be kept away from protesters at almost all costs, or else he may lose control. He may be very comparable to Richard Nixon in many respects.

-- Bush anything but moronic, according to author Dark overtones in his malapropisms President by MURRAY WHYTE; Toronto Star; Nov. 28, 2002

-- George W. Bush, Jr. - The Dark Side; accessible online 7-17-04; realchange.org

-- New Information Shows Bush Indecisive, Paranoid, Delusional By TERESA HAMPTON; Capitol Hill Blue; Jun 17, 2004; capitolhillblue.com

For more information regarding the characteristics of a sociopath, please refer to the links below, or do your own Google search:

-- Characteristics of Psychopath (Sociopath, Anti-social Personality Disorder)

-- Profile of a Sociopath

Could it be that Bush's mental state is somewhat due to his admitted past substance abuse? Bush admits to alcohol abuse, and according to some sources he also did cocaine for some indefinite period. Both substances can do serious and long term damage to the brain.

-- Governor Bush's Cocaine Problem by Adam J. Smith; summer of 2000

-- Bush's Cocaine Question And The Drug War by Arianna Huffington; August 23, 1999

-- Bush and Cocaine; October 19, 2000


-- George W. Bush Quit Drinking 'On His Own'; Alcoholism / Substance Abuse

-- CNN.com - Bush acknowledges 1976 DUI charge - November 2, 2000; CNN Correspondent Candy Crowley contributer

-- Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; October 2000

-- Pictoral Proof of Brain Damage Caused by Cocaine and Alcohol Seen in New Quantitative EEG Studies; schizophrenia.com; found on or about 10-20-03

-- Alcohol and Brain

-- Brain Damage Can Occur While Binge Drinking By Melinda T. Willis; ABC News; April 16, 2002

-- Brain cells may be damaged for ever by cocaine abuse By Jeremy Laurance; UK Independent; 01 January 2003

-- Cocaine harms brain's 'pleasure center,' addict study finds; EurekAlert; 1-Jan-2003; Contact: Kara Gavin; umhsmedia@umich.edu; 734-764-2220; University of Michigan Health System

-- Cocaine use may alter brain cells, play role in depression; 5-Mar-2003; Contact: Michelle Person; mmuth@nida.nih.gov; 301-594-6141; NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator"

-- US President-elect George W. Bush, December 2000

-- Bush's Hill tour comes to a close By Mark Sherman/ Cox News Service;12-19-2000

-- BusinessWeek Online: WASHINGTON WATCH A Gentleman's "C" for W By Richard S. Dunham; Edited by Beth Belton; JULY 30, 2001

"There ought to be limits to freedom."

-- George W. Bush

-- God, It's Great To Be American! by Heather Wokusch; March 19, 2002; antiwar.com

"Ultimately, Bush's real peers are not US presidents but Third World dictators, like Pinochet, many of whom his father also put in office."

-- Will Bush the Beheader use terrorism to become America's Pinochet? by Harvey Wasserman; May 28, 2004; freepress.org; also found here

"The American president -- though not of the United States -- whom George W. Bush most nearly resembles is the Confederacy's Jefferson Davis...as with Davis, obtaining Bush's defeat is an urgent matter of national security -- and national honor."

-- The Most Dangerous President Ever How and why George W. Bush undermines American security By Harold Meyerson; Issue Date: 5.1.03; prospect.org; also found here

"This is, quite simply, the most frightening American administration in modern times, one that is appalling both to the left and to traditional conservatives"

-- Eliot Weinberger; 2003

-- What Is Happening in America? By Eliot Weinberger; 08 June 2003; Information Clearing House; citing Vorwarts in Germany.

-- President Bush against the world; The Globe and Mail


-- America's bid to control the world

"Most leaders here see him as a disaster for European-American relations"

-- William Drozdiak, German Marshall Fund's Transatlantic Center director

"People are, quite literally, frightened by the nature of the coalition that is driving policy in Washington..."

-- John Palmer, European Policy Center director

-- Europeans wary of Bush's D-Day visit By Tom Hundley; Chicago Tribune; Jun 21, 2004; story.news.yahoo.com

-- Yahoo! News - Bush Liked Less Than Saddam, Bin Laden; Jul 15, 2004; Reuters; story.news.yahoo.com

"Bush himself is the most incompetent and dangerous President in living memory."

— Mark Latham, Australian MP during a parliamentary speech

"By simultaneously destabilizing global security...recklessly abrogating the Kyoto climate change treaty, by bullying his allies in Europe and Asia, by pursuing a tax policy that will turn America into the most unequal society in modern history, George W. Bush is fully living up to my expectation that he would become the worst U.S. President since Herbert Hoover."

— Anatole Kaletsky; London Times

"Bush is repellent, a hawk who was a coward, leader of the most corrupt administration since the Twenties. He’s not a legitimate President."

— Ken Livingstone; Mayor of London, May 8, 2003

"There is a growing tendency in public opinion to view the US as a rogue state."

— Dominique Moisi; Foreign affairs Analyst, France

-- George W. Bush - Quotes; waroffice.us; accessible online 7-15-04

-- Nato unease over Bush 'no-warning' attack plans; Times Online

-- Quick-Stick Doctrine (washingtonpost.com)

-- Bush Acting as Imperial President; Common Dreams

-- Why we should be worried about George W Bush [29jun02]; Daily Telegraph

-- Latest in long line of leaders targeted by US - JUNE 27, 2002; Straits Times

-- The trouble with George W - smh.com.au

-- Marooned on his fantasy island, Bush stands firm; Guardian

-- Why Europe feels left out in the cold; BBC

-- George W's bloody folly; Guardian

-- Europeans resist US call for UN immunity; Independent

-- Bush to issue 'strike first' strategy

-- Americans have more to fear than ever; Guardian

The US government's incessant urging to be on the alert for imminent terror attacks could do more harm than good. They could lead to a paranoid public fearful to carry on the normal tasks of daily life, and therefore depress economic activities of many sorts for the entire country, including travel, shopping, investing, and creation of entrepreneurial start ups. A reduction in healthy risk-taking could result from the constant warnings, leading to an economic downturn of one kind of another, as well as other detrimental consequences.

Such regularly stoked fears might also make America ripe for an effective take over of their government by enemies of democracy.

-- You Can't Help It: Our Impulse to Connect the Dots Is Pre-Wired By Rick Weiss; November 25, 2001; The Washington Post; Page B01, and other sources.

-- Stop trying to behave like a Hollywood hitman; Independent

"[when] someone like me makes mistakes you risk destroying nations. Remember, one man still has his finger on the button"

-- Robert McNamara, ex-US defence secretary

-- Warning to Bush from contrite cold war veteran by Fiachra Gibbons; May 23, 2003; The Guardian

"...we still live in a nuclear age, and every time we go to war, that ups the odds that today is the last day for the human race..."

-- Dave Winer

-- Scripting News; on or about 1-29-03

-- 'Bring Them On,' Bush Says of Iraq Attacks; Reuters/ABC News; July 2, 2003

-- 'Bring Them On' by Matt Bivens; 07/02/2003; www.thenation.com

-- "Bring 'Em On?" by Stan Goff; July 3, 2003; www.counterpunch.org

""Bring 'em on," the man said. He is not a brave man, but he plays one on television"

-- Saving face, losing a war by Harley Sorensen; SF Gate; August 25, 2003

-- Iraq attacks linked to Bush taunts (July 5, 2003)

-- US troops in Iraq 'are terrorist magnet'; Agencies; July 28, 2003; The Guardian

-- Is The United States "A Terrorist Magnet"?By M. Shahid Alam; Iviews; 8/7/2003 - Political Social - Article Ref: IV0308-2057

-- 'another sign that surly, chaotic postwar Iraq is becoming a magnet for terrorists'

-- Magnet for Evil

-- The U.S. Government Case for War in Iraq Based on Forgery and Lies by Ronda Hauben; 24.06.2003; Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co.KG

-- 'Why was Bill Clinton impeached for making love, while George Bush goes unpunished for making a war over fake weapons?'

-- The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism By Steve Perry; City Pages Media, Inc.; 7/30/03

-- Whoppers of Mass Destruction By Dennis Cass; June 23, 2003; www.motherjones.com

-- We owe it to those who died in Iraq to demand accountability; Leonard Pitts; MIAMI HERALD; June 14, 2003

-- The War Built On A Lie by Harley Sorensen, SF Gate; June 16, 2003

-- White House 'lied about Saddam threat' by Julian Borger; July 10, 2003; The Guardian

-- High-Ranking Officials Admit 9-11 Could've Been Prevented by Russ Kick; 22 July 2003; www.thememoryhole.org/

-- Germany Warned CIA About Sept. 11 Terror Pilot, Stern Says; August 13, 2003 datestamp; quote.bloomberg.com

-- Britain warned US to expect September 11 al-Qaeda hijackings By Torcuil Crichton; Sunday Herald; 19 May 2002

-- German Intelligence Says US Knew in Advance About 9-11 by Russ Kick, 2002; www.thememoryhole.org

-- Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war by Ewen MacAskill; September 6, 2003; The Guardian

-- This War on Terrorism is Bogus The 9-11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination by Michael Meacher [originally posted September 6, 2003 by the Guardian/UK]

-- Unheeded Warnings

-- Bush 9-11 Scandal for Dummies by Bernard Weiner; June 1, 2002; www.counterpunch.org

-- Intelligence Warned Bush of Hijackings Before Sept. 11; ABC News, May 16, 2002; Terry Moran, Brian Ross and Lisa Sylvester contributors

-- Bush briefed on hijacking threat before September 11 - May 15, 2002 by John King, CNN

-- Bush dumb by choice By RICK SALUTIN; May 24, 2002; The Globe and Mail, Page A19

-- W's Mind Was on Vacation by Michael Daly; From: News and Views | Beyond the City | New York Daily News Online; May 19, 2002

-- The Terrorists Flew and Bush Knew By William Rivers Pitt; t r u t h o u t | 16 May, 2002

President Bush received a report on or around August 6 2001 that specifically mentioned bin Laden-related terrorists might attempt to seize US airliners for attacks on US soil.

A report created in 1999 for the National Intelligence Council specifically contradicts statements by the Bush Administration that US intelligence agencies never considered the possibility of airliners being used by bin Laden terrorists as suicide missiles. The report also specifically mentioned the Pentagon as a potential target.

-- Aug. Memo Focused On Attacks in U.S. (washingtonpost.com) By Bob Woodward and Dan Eggen; Mike Allen, Bill Miller, Dana Priest, and Walter Pincus contributors; May 18, 2002; Page A01

A 1999 Library of Congress report for the CIA offered many details about a possible terrorist attack similar to that of 9-11-01. A couple months before 9-11-01 there was some concern on the part of a FBI agent about the unusual number of Arabs taking flight lessons in the USA, and even the speculation that bin Laden might be linked to the events.

Attorney General John D. Ashcroft made sure to avoid flying on domestic commercial flights beginning in the summer of 2001 due to warnings from his FBI. Unfortunately virtually all other American citizens received no such warning.

Vice-President Cheney repeatedly asked Congress NOT to investigate the events of 9-11-01.

-- Five Questions Bush Must Answer By Richard S. Dunham; Edited by Douglas Harbrecht; MAY 20, 2002; WASHINGTON WATCH; Businessweek

-- Bush Seeks To Restrict Hill Probes Of Sept. 11 (washingtonpost.com) By Mike Allen; January 30, 2002; Page A04

Evidence is appearing that Bush has either made mistakes in his statements about the details of warnings he had of 9-11-01 prior to the event, or he has been deliberately misleading in same. Some of national security adviser Condoleezza Rice's statements regarding the events are also being contradicted by new documents coming to light.

-- Fresh September 11 revelations rock Bush by David Wastell; 19/05/2002; Telegraph Group Limited and What Went Wrong By Michael Hirsh and Michael Isikoff (Daniel Klaidman, Mark Hosenball, Eleanor Clift, John Barry, Colin Soloway, Tamara Lipper, Andy Murr, Jamie Reno, and Christopher Dickey contributors); NEWSWEEK/MSNBC, May 27, 2002

How did the US government allow the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01 to happen?

"There were, in fact, failures at every level that summer...[including]...the fixed strategic mind-set of the Bush administration"

During the transition between the outgoing Clinton and incoming Bush Administrations Clinton national-security adviser Sandy Berger tried mightly to impress upon the Bush Administration's Condoleezza Rice the importance of the terrorist threat, and the need to prepare for it, going so far as to tell her "You will be spending more time on this issue than on any other." Unfortunately, Rice and the rest of the Administration afterwards chose to focus on other issues instead, such as lobbying for a national missile defense system and criticizing Iraq.

Other items on the Administration's preferred agenda included Treasury Department Secretary O'Neill wanting to reduce government financial regulation and oversight over the types of money flows preferred by organized crime and terrorists, and Attorney General Ashcroft's desire to reduce anti-terrorism efforts in favor of stronger actions in the drug war and regulation of internet content. Secretary of Defense Rumsfield personally stopped $800 million from being diverted out of the missile defense system development and into counterterrorism efforts.

-- What Went Wrong By Michael Hirsh and Michael Isikoff (Daniel Klaidman, Mark Hosenball, Eleanor Clift, John Barry, Colin Soloway, Tamara Lipper, Andy Murr, Jamie Reno, and Christopher Dickey contributors); NEWSWEEK/MSNBC, May 27, 2002

-- White House defends reaction to pre-9/11 warnings; CNN; May 18, 2002

-- Bush Fiddled While New York Burned by Michael Colby; Counterpunch.org; May 17, 2002

"The administration has been cynically using its own failure to act on intelligence developed under then-existing laws to justify vastly increasing its own power at the expense of civil freedoms."

-- Patriot Act's supposed justification is gone by Peter Erlinder; May 22, 2002; Star Tribune

-- The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11 by Jennifer Van Bergen t r u t h o u t | 20 May, 2002

It appears the US legislative process failed during the recent passage of the anti-terror bill. And the nation will probably regret this failure in the long term. Apparently Congress was too fearful of another terrorist strike to adequately perform their legal duties here. Much of the bill was passed without the members even having read it.

The new law throws the judicial system and its oversight out of the loop for many critical procedures, and makes historic changes in other government processes as well. The bill seems to be overzealous in its efforts to combat terrorism, and thereby possibly creates new and unnecessary dangers to society as a byproduct.

-- A Panicky Bill (washingtonpost.com); October 26, 2001; Page A34

The anthrax bacteria which bedeviled the USA on the heels of the 9-11-01 attacks apparently came or was derived from the USA's own original biological weapons stocks from the 1960s (the anthrax development program ended in 1969). The particular type used in the attacks is known as the Ames strain.

The main US stocks were destroyed after 1969, but samples were kept and distributed for various reasons.

-- Anthrax bacteria likely to be US military strain by Debora MacKenzie; 24 October 01; New Scientist; newscientist.com

The conservative organization Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration alleging that some White House staffers began taking Cipro (a preferred antibiotic for anthrax) on 9-11-01, and so apparently had fore-knowledge of the anthrax attacks which came later.

White House spokesperson Gordon Johndroe admitted some staffers had in fact been given Cipro on 9-11-01, but denied the White House knew of the anthrax mailings to come in the days and weeks ahead.

-- White House Faces Disclosure Suit (washingtonpost.com); June 8, 2002; Page A11; Associated Press cited

-- Weenies or Moles? Did the FBI bungle the Moussaoui investigation--or worse? by PEGGY NOONAN; May 31, 2002; Opinion Journal

-- How the FBI Blew the Case; Time.com

-- CIA Gave FBI Warning On Hijacker (washingtonpost.com) By Walter Pincus and Dan Eggen; June 4, 2002; Page A01

-- FBI Warned of Sept. 11 Hijacker By John McWethy; ABC News; May 24, 2002

-- FBI HQ Accused of Quashing Pre-9-11 Probes by Pierre Thomas, Linda Douglass, Aditya Raval, A.B. Stoddard and Michael McAuliff; ABC News; May 28, 2002

-- Mueller: Clues Might Have Led To Sept. 11 Plot (washingtonpost.com) By Dan Eggen and Susan Schmidt; May 30, 2002; Page A01

-- FBI Flaws Alleged by Field Staff (washingtonpost.com) By Dan Eggen and Bill Miller; May 24, 2002; Page A01

-- FBI Memo's Details Raise New Questions (washingtonpost.com) By Dan Eggen and Bill Miller; May 19, 2002; Page A01

-- FBI Pigeonholed Agent's Request (washingtonpost.com) By Dan Eggen; May 22, 2002; Page A01

-- Tearful FBI Agent Apologizes To Sept. 11 Families and Victims -- 05-30-2002 By Jeff Johnson CNSNews.com; May 30, 2002

-- Bin Laden named in overlooked FBI memo by Oliver Burkeman; May 16, 2002; The Guardian

With evidence mounting of government mis-steps (or worse) in regards to the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01, FBI Director Robert Mueller has admitted there was sufficient information available to the US government to possibly have thwarted the attacks altogether.

-- Bush Proposes Cabinet Agency for Security; June 6, 2002; The Associated Press/ABCNews.com

Both President G.W. Bush and his father have had historical business relationships with the bin Laden family and other Saudi Arabian interests. FBI agents investigating some of the bin Laden family members in America for terrorist activities prior to 9-11-01 were ordered off the case by higher ups. The US State Department and CIA seemed to be frequently looking the other way as suspicious Saudi Arabian men traveled to and from the USA with impunity for years. Keep in mind G.W. Bush's father George Bush was CIA Director before he became President. [And the majority of 9-11-01 hijackers were of Saudi origin]

It seems that in the beginning these suspect Saudis were being brought into the US for terrorist training from the CIA, and then shipped out to Afghanistan to bedevil the occupying Soviet army.

The Carlyle Corporation has quickly become one of the USA's biggest defense contractors in recent years. Ex-president Bush is a paid advisor to the firm. Present President Bush previously served as a director of a Carlyle subsidiary. The Bin Laden family were part owners of Carlyle until 9-11-01, when that might have become a liability for the Bushes, at which time they withdrew from the company. As Carlyle is privately owned, it can be highly secretive in its dealings, compared to a public company.

-- Has someone been sitting on the FBI?; BBC News; found on or about 5-24-02

"What is happening in the United States took me by surprise....The United States has drawn a veil of silence over the issue of intelligence failure [in regards to the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks]"

-- Wesley Wark, expert in Canadian intelligence [Globe & Mail, 18 December 2001 cited]

Keep in mind the World Trade Center was bombed in an unsuccessful attempt to bring it down in 1993. The primary planner of the bombing later divulged to authorities alternative plans to pilot airliners into buildings like the CIA headquarters or Pentagon. A report was ordered by the Pentagon in 1993 on the subject of planes being used to attack American landmarks. In 1994 three actual attempts to strike buildings via commandeered planes (two involving airliners) were made, but foiled by various means. By 1995 the FAA and FBI both possessed information on ex-CIA operative bin Laden's plans to use hijacked airliners as weapons against civilian sites, with the World Trade Center mentioned specifically as one possibility in files seized in the Philippines.

Apparently the gist of the 9-11-01 attack plan was originally created by Ramzi Yousef, who was convicted in relation to the 1993 WTC attack on 9-11-96. Terrorists are known to have a fondness for anniversaries, and so the date 9-11 surely was marked on the calendars of some western intelligence agents as a date to watch for in raw intelligence intercepts, and take extra precautions about whenever it rolled by.

Note that as CIA HQ was frequently cited as a potential target by binÊLaden's group, it's logical to assume the CIA would have paid a bit more attention to those particular terrorists than to others with more obscure targets and motivations. And this would have encouraged spending more scrutiny on airliner flight schools.

The FBI began amassing evidence of terrorists training at flight schools in 1996. Suicide flights and the use of crop dusters were also considered by authorities in 1996.

This led to extraordinary security precautions being taken to protect the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta against biochemical agents delivered by crop dusters or hijacked planes being used to crash into athlete dorms or event stadiums. By contrast, virtually nothing was done prior to 9-11-01 to defend against such attacks-- although in August 2001 US intelligence agencies had at least as much in the way of terrorist warning signs as they did in 1996 (indeed, it could be argued they had much more reason to expect an attack was imminent in the summer of 2001 than 1996).

Credible warnings that bin Laden's hijacked airliners cum missile attacks on US soil (possibly against the WTC, Pentagon, or other landmarks) were imminent were received by Israeli and US intelligence six months and three months prior to 9-11-01. By some 60 days before the attack, the entirety of the US intelligence and security agencies were on full alert and expecting the threat of bin Laden's hijacked airliner suicide attacks on US landmarks to materialize within a matter of weeks.

Though warned of the risk in July 2001, an apparently corrupted FAA refused to take additional precautions with airliner flights. In August a flight school instructor notified the FBI of a suspected hijacker taking flight lessons at the school (it was Zacarias Moussaoui). He had to call them several times to get any reaction, and emphasize that a fully fueled 747 could be used as a flying bomb. Various elements of the FBI seemed unusually unwilling to get involved in the matter, or follow it up.

Unusual leniency seemed to be offered by the US INS to the hijacker leader (Mohamed Atta) as well, in his comings and goings over the US border, and his activities on US soil. The FBI was also tracking him as early as 2000. It was known that Atta had acquired materials suitable to make bombs, and possibly participated in an Israeli bombing. It's a mystery as to why Atta was not arrested, and thus the 9-11-01 attacks possibly stopped in their tracks. Similar stories can be told about other participants in the attacks. Nawaq Alhamzi and Khalid Al-Midhar, who later would be onboard the plane striking the Pentagon, were previous to 9-11-01 on a watch list and well known to both the FBI and CIA for various nefarious activities, but allowed none-the-less to come and go as they pleased.

U.S. attorney David Philip Schippers says that certain FBI agents knew months ahead of the attack details like the targets, likely dates attacks could occur, and the identities of the hijackers involved. But they were stopped by higher ups in the FBI from taking further action and even threatened with persecution if they made their information public. At that point the agents contacted Schippers for help, who then warned various members of Congress and the Senate, and tried to warn Attorney General Ashcroft a month before 9-11-01-- but Ashcroft never responded.

-- Did Bush Know Warning Signs of 9-11 and Intelligence Failures by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - Media Monitors Network; found on or about 5-31-02

Some US military intelligence and FBI personnel say attempts to investigate certain people related to Osama bin Laden prior to 9-11-01 were stymied by higher ups.

-- FBI claims Bin Laden inquiry was frustrated by Greg Palast and David Pallister; Guardian; November 7, 2001

-- Bush took FBI agents off Laden family trail - The Times of India by RASHMEE Z AHMED; NOVEMBER 07, 2001

-- US agents told Back off bin Ladens - smh.com.au - World

-- FBI chiefs so lax agents felt they were spies - smh.com.au By Josh Meyer; May 28 2002

-- Agent blasts FBI over 11 September 'cover-up' by Edward Helmore; May 26, 2002; The Observer

-- Riddle of the Spores by George Monbiot; Counterpunch.org; May 21, 2002

-- Condi Lied - Pentagon Prepared for Civilian Airliner Crash in 2000; Democrats.com, citing Contingency planning Pentagon MASCAL exercise simulates scenarios in preparing for emergencies by Dennis Ryan; MDW News Service; Nov. 3, 2000; found on or about 5-24-02

-- For years, signs suggested 'that something was up'; Washington Times

-- White House given strategy two days before Sept. 11; MSNBC

-- NSA GOT 9-11 WARNING ON 9-10; New York Post

-- CIA admits foreknowledge of 9-11


-- Bush lied; UK Guardian

-- Moroccan secret agent 'predicted New York attack'; Times Online

-- S.F. attorney: Bush allowed 9-11 BY DAVID KIEFER; San Francisco Examiner; 06/11/2002

-- Timeline of Warnings to Feds of Possible Attacks; ABC News; May 16, 2002

-- Bush Aides Seek to Contain Furor (washingtonpost.com) By Dan Eggen and Dana Priest; May 17, 2002; Page A01

-- Before Sept. 11, Unshared Clues and Unshaped Policy (washingtonpost.com) By Barton Gellman; May 17, 2002; Page A01

-- Missed Warnings (washingtonpost.com); May 17, 2002; Page A28

-- Bush faces 11 September fallout by By Jonathan Marcus; BBC News; 17 May, 2002

-- Study Said Hijack - Suicides Possible; New York Times

-- Call for probe into warnings on al-Qaeda By Lydia Adetunji and Edward Alden; May 16 2002; FT.com

-- Bush aides defend handling of terrorist hijack warning; Chicago Tribune

The US and others were alerted in July 2001 that terrorists might crash airliners into the Genoa summit (which President Bush was to attend) in suicide attacks.

A terrorist suicide attack using an airliner was attempted in 1994 by Algerians hoping to explode a plane over the Eiffel Tower, and Philippine police in 1996 learned of an Al Qaeda plot to seize eleven US planes at once for crashing into CIA buildings in the vicinity of Washington DC.

-- Italy Tells of Threat at Genoa Summit; LA Times; September 27 2001

-- Clues Pointed to Changing Terrorist Tactics (washingtonpost.com) By Steve Fainaru; May 19, 2002; Page A09

-- Echelon Gave Authorities Warning Of Attacks; Newsbytes.com


-- Suicide scenario was nothing new; MSNBC

The conservative group Judicial Watch is suing the Bush Administration and its FBI for information regarding why the anthrax treatment Cipro was dispensed to the staff of Vice President Dick Cheney over 3 weeks prior to the first public news of the US anthrax-laden mail attacks.

-- When Conservatives Sue Conservatives by Harley Sorensen; June 17, 2002; SF Gate

"[In regards to the 9-11-01 terrorst attacks]...Bush protected himself and his friends. What he left uncovered was the rest of us. " - James Ridgeway, The Village Voice, 2002

-- Knowing Much, Bush Did Little to Protect America by James Ridgeway; The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington; May 16th, 2002

"Bush has spent 42 percent of his term so far at one of his three leisure destinations"

-- Bush by the Numbers, as Told by a Diligent Scorekeeper By Dana Milbank; Washington Post; September 3, 2002; Page A15

-- Pit-Stop Presidency (washingtonpost.com) By Mary McGrory; October 27, 2002; Page B07

-- Bush held up plan to hit Bin Laden by Julian Borger; August 5, 2002; The Guardian

-- NSA Intercepts On Eve of 9-11 Sent a Warning (washingtonpost.com) By Walter Pincus and Dana Priest; June 20, 2002; Page A01

-- Did Bush Know? Warning Signs of 9-11 and Intelligence Failures by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - Media Monitors Network; found on or about 5-31-02

-- Armed pilots banned 2 months before 9-11 By Jon Dougherty; WorldNetDaily.com; May 16, 2002

-- Bush's 9-11 Secrets By James Ridgeway; The Village Voice; 31 July 2003

-- German Intelligence Says US Knew in Advance About 9-11 by Russ Kick; 2002; www.thememoryhole.org

"a pattern of Bush administration denials and delaying tactics that prevented a fuller account of national failure before the attack"

"a deeper, darker problem is our own government's refusal to fill in the blanks about itself"

-- U.S. Clamps Secrecy on Warnings Before 9/11 by Marie Cocco; Newsday; August 7, 2003

"the Bush Administration is refusing to tell the public what intelligence the president saw before 9/11 about the threat posed by Al Qaeda"

"Bush has gotten away with concealing from the public what he knew and when, and what he did (or did not do) about a serious threat to the nation"

-- Report Raises More Questions About 9/11 By David Corn, The Nation; July 25, 2003

"President Bush was warned in a more specific way than previously known about intelligence suggesting that al Qaeda terrorists were seeking to attack the United States"

-- White House, CIA Kept Key Portions of Report Classified (washingtonpost.com) By Dana Priest; Washington Post; July 25, 2003; Page A01

"international opinion of the United States has plummeted in the last year"

-- White House: Better PR can reverse anti-American sentiment By Michelle Orris; Austin American-Statesman; August 1, 2003

"America’s unprecedented power scares the world, and the Bush administration has only made it worse"

-- The Arrogant Empire By Fareed Zakaria NEWSWEEK; March 24, 2003

"the world is more apprehensive about our leadership"

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Delaware)

-- Security May Not Be Safe Issue for Bush in '04 By Dana Milbank and Mike Allen; Washington Post; August 22, 2003; Page A01

"The terrible reality is that the world is more fragile, divided, bitter and unhappy post-11 September, in exactly the way that Osama bin Laden would want."

-- What future for the UN? by Clare Short, Former UK cabinet minister; BBC; 8 June, 2003

"The "war on terror" has made the world a more dangerous place and created divisions which make conflict more likely, says Amnesty International"

-- Warning over war on terror; BBC; 28 May, 2003

-- 'We've thrust the world into chaos, yet al-Qaida terrorizes still'

-- US troops' anguish: Killing outmatched foes By Ann Scott Tyson; April 11, 2003; The Christian Science Monitor

-- US 'mini nukes' decision alarms critics By Rupert Cornwell; 22 May 2003; Independent

-- Rumsfeld's Dr. Strangelove Keith Payne says 7,000 warheads aren't enough By Fred Kaplan; Slate.com; May 12, 2003

-- U.S. Rearms While Telling Others To Disarm by Helen Thomas; October 23, 2003; commondreams.org; previously published May 24, 2003 by Hearst Newspapers

-- WAR IN THE GULF THEY DIED IN THEIR TRENCHES CLUTCHING WHITE FLAGS by Richard Edwards; sundaymail [no date stamp]

-- US and Israel look set to embrace assassination

-- US looks away as new ally tortures Islamists by Nick Paton Walsh; May 26, 2003; The Guardian

"Torture is a form of terrorism: there are no justifications for it"

-- Editorials Fighting "terrorism" with torture by Derek Summerfield; BMJ 2003;326:773-774 (12 April)

-- Strong-arm tactics leave the world a weaker place by Martin Woollacott; May 2, 2003; The Guardian

"Weak nations will succumb to American ambition unless we insist on respecting sovereignty"

-- The power of one by Martin Jacques; May 26, 2003; The Guardian

-- War on terror leaves world in fear, says Amnesty By Kim Sengupta; 29 May 2003; Independent

-- 'Most people in this country have no idea what's about to happen to them even though their very democracy is at stake'

-- 'A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation...'; text of a speech by actor Tim Robbins to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on April 15, 2003; CommonDreams.org; April 16, 2003

"Under Attorney General John Ashcroft, America is becoming an Orwellian state where people are locked up and no one can find out why -- least of all a compliant Congress."

-- The secret society By Tim Grieve; April 18, 2003; salon.com

-- The war on terror has made the world a more dangerous place as governments roll back human rights and whip up public fears that fuel racism

-- Clark warns UK and US about return to the law of the jungle; 04.05.2003; New Zealand News

-- Now the US wants control of space By Julian Coman; 08/06/2003; Telegraph

-- U.S. 'negation' policy in space raises concerns abroad By Loring Wirbel; EE Times; May 22, 2003

-- PENTAGON: SPACE IS FOR AMERICANS ONLY Posted by noahmax; May 27, 2003; defensetech.org

"We must dominate space"

-- Maj. Gen. Judd Blaisdell, US Air Force director of space operations and integration, Pentagon

-- Space Is The Ultimate High Ground by Staff Sgt. A.J. Bosker; Air Force News/SpaceDaily; Jun 04, 2003

-- Revealed: US plan to 'own' space by Neil Mackay; 22 June 2003; Sunday Herald

-- America Goes Backward By Stanley Hoffmann; The New York Review of Books ; Volume 50, Number 10 · June 12, 2003

-- 'This is a dark time in our country, a time when there is only one truth in the government and very little tolerance for dissent'

"Most of all, what Americans can learn from the Jewish state is that unending war drains not just the economy but the national spirit"

-- Israel's Warning for the U.S. By Peter Coy; Businessweek; APRIL 21, 2003

-- 'The administration has been relentless in its efforts to expand its surveillance, both openly and secretly, of law-abiding citizens'; Fortune

"Warrantless surveillance. Secret arrests. Indefinite detention. Is this totalitarian Cuba? No, it's what the U.S. Justice Department is planning, based on legislation that Justice lawyers have been secretly drafting for months."

-- Patriot Act 11 - the sequel; Mar. 30, 2003; The Miami Herald

-- E-Legal: A Monster Surveillance Society by Eric J. Sinrod; 01-21-2003; law.com

"Growing evidence of deception by Washington"

-- Anthrax, chemicals and nerve gas: who is lying? By Andrew Gumbel; 20 April 2003; Independent Digital

-- U.S. forfeits claim to moral authority By BOB RANDOLPH; April 20, 2003; Seattle Post-Intelligencer

-- What is happening in America?

-- Ashcroft Sides with Torturers Unocal and the Crimes of Burma By JOANNE MARINER; June 7, 2003; counterpunch.org

-- Ashcroft Attacks Human Rights Law; source: Human Rights Watch; May 15, 2003; corpwatch.org

-- New Law Assists Political Intimidation by Daniel Forbes; June 15, 2003; The Nation

-- Confirmation crisis? Bush declares judicial state of emergency when only 98% of his nominations are confirmed by Ellen Goodman; Washington Post Writers Group; 05.14.03; workingforchange.com

-- Should Americans be above international law?

-- US voted out of human rights body in symbolic rebuke; NY TIMES NEWS SERVICE; Jun 13, 2003,Page 7; The Taipei Times

-- Americans losing the war on their freedoms

-- The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy; June 5, 2003; corpwatch.org

-- Ayatollah Ashcroft's law How U.S. attorney-general, a Christian evangelist with anti-Islamic views on record, is waging war on American Muslims by HAROON SIDDIQUI; Jul. 27, 2003; The Toronto Star

-- Bush and father at odds over Iraq strike

"Once 'Stormin' Norman,' Gen. Schwarzkopf Is Skeptical About U.S. Action in Iraq"

-- Desert Caution By Thomas E. Ricks; Washington Post; January 28, 2003; Page C01

-- Stormin' Norman: Don't rush into war; BBC; 29 January, 2003

-- Former Diplomat Opposes War With Iraq

-- Stormin' Norman opposes Iraq war [August 20, 2002]; The Australian

-- Scowcroft sticks to his guns By Jim Lobe; Asia Times Online; Aug 21, 2002

-- Gen. Zinni Says War With Iraq Is Unwise; The Tampa Tribune

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