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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 1,000,000 BC- 8,001 BC: The peopling of the prehistoric Americas and the extinctions of the American megafauna

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28,000 BC -8,000 BC: The great North American ice sheets come and go-- repeatedly

Sea levels also fluctuate somewhat in concert with the changes in the ice sheets-- thereby alternatively widening and narrowing passage bottlenecks between continents, such as the Bering Straits. But the human migrations from Asia into North America continue.

Though these new explorers add to the potential for conflict in the new land, they more importantly strengthen the total numbers of human beings there-- something that is crucial to overcoming the giant super bears and other challenges of the alien continent.

-- "University of Cincinnati Geologist Finds North American Glacial Advances Coincide with Iceberg Calving Events", Research News Releases, Public Relations Home Page, University of Cincinnati Home Page

Around 28,000 BC to 23,000 BC four genetically differentiated lines of Asians began entering the Americas.

-- Americas Populated in Spurts ["http://www.discovery.com/news/briefs/20000222/history_bering.html"] By Becky Oskin, Discovery.com News, Feb. 22, 2000

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