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Optional sponsorship steps

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This page last updated on or about 1-9-09
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Steps 7 and 8 are purely optional on your part. Ignore them if you wish.

Too, step 8 will remain available for you to exercise indefinitely, even after your page sponsorship as long expired-- so long as our site and the page you sponsored themselves still exist.

7. The text you wish to be displayed to web surfers inside your text ad's colored box. We will by default use the same web URL here as you entered for the first spot. But you may designate a different URL for the ad box if you wish.

We want to offer you some flexibility with your text ad. You can use up to two different font sizes in the ad (as seen in the example below), or the same font size for all the text.

. .. ... ....

Who or what might await us in the depths of space?

CLICK HERE to find out.
.... ... .. .
Sponsor your favorite page

Note the link "Sponsor your favorite page" underneath will accompany all such ads on-site, in order to disclose to all viewers the nature of the spot, as well as promote our sponsorship offer in general. The color of the box itself will be a color which goes well with the colors already used at the top of the page. Typically this will be a yellow or blue tint, as of late 2005.

The maximum word count is 60 viewable words in either of the smallest two browser font sizes (font size = "1" or font size = "2"). You can use larger font or even headline sizes, but the bigger the sizes the fewer words you'll be able to fit into the space. For example, a sponsor using as many words they could of HTML headline size 'H1' wouldn't end up with many at all: perhaps just around seven or so, total.

We'll only accept ad boxes which appear no taller than around one and a half inches on our pages, when viewed on most PC monitors via the 'larger' browser menu text size option in Internet Explorer, or 120% text zoom in Mozilla-compatible browsers.

Please don't abuse the text ad option.

We reserve the right to format and/or edit your text ad at our sole discretion.


PLEASE SEND YOUR TEXT FOR YOUR AD TO jrmooneyham@kagi.com.

8. The text you wish to be displayed to web surfers in your permanent introduction or forward page to our page you've sponsored. Note this option may be exercised immediately, or years after your original page sponsorship expired, or any time in-between. But it can be exercised by you only ONCE per each page you've sponsored-- no matter how long that particular subscription ran, or how many separate times you sponsored that page. So please only submit introduction text with which you are already fully satisfied.

Your introduction page to our page will naturally possess a link to our page-- usually near the bottom. Hopefully you'll expound on the virtues of our page, but you'll be free to criticize as well-- so long as your words don't break some of the rules in the fine print.

At the current time no custom graphics are permitted in the introduction pages.

You can pose your own title for your page, HTML format the text if you wish (although for site consistency the tops of all pages will roughly match the rest of our site-- here's a sample page). And of course we do reserve the right to change your formatting at our discretion if it seems necessary.

So how much text can your introduction page contain? Up to 30K at the present time (as measured in computer file-size).

We prefer you send us your text as uncompressed plain text (and we'll format it into web pages), but you can send formatted HTML if you wish.

If you do format your own HTML, hopefully you've previewed it in your own browser as well. As Microsoft Internet Explorer is what 90+% of web readers use, previewing your file with that browser is recommended for HTML files.

If it consists of plain text or HTML your file should easily attach to email for sending, or even be copied and pasted into the email message itself in many cases (basically smaller amounts of text will fit into email messages while larger ones will have to be attached).

Note your introduction page hosted on our servers WILL have its page top and bottom formatted to appear similar to our other site pages, only with YOU plainly listed as the author.

The reason for us adding some HTML at the top and bottom of pages is basically to maintain consistent site navigation options for visitors, as well as individual page identifications.

Note that as a practical matter...

We reserve the right to format and/or edit your text and/or HTML submission at our sole discretion.

Please be sure to include the name of authorship you wish displayed with your text within its page. If you wish it can be a pseudonym (false name) or simply "anonymous".

Unless explicitly told otherwise we will post your real name as the author of your text.

Your text must be your own: copyright infringement is against the law.

Please include a title for your page. Otherwise we have to make one up!


PLEASE SEND THE TEXT FOR YOUR INTRODUCTION PAGE TO jrmooneyham@kagi.com. You can try simply copying and pasting it into an email message first. If your email program gives you an error that the text is too large or will be truncated (cut off), send it as an attached plain text file instead. If it appears on our end we didn't receive the complete file, we'll email you about it. When in doubt, send the story in pieces: i.e., part one in one email and part two in a second.

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