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Selected fiction features and related pages on-site

J. Staute and the first immortal artificial intelligence http://www.jrmooneyham.com/strec.html
Reference notes on the life and times of J. Staute http://www.jrmooneyham.com/orgstt.html
Me and my Shadow supercar http://www.jmooneyham.com/me-and-my-shadow-supercar.html
Deep in the throat of Texas http://www.jmooneyham.com/deep-in-the-throat-of-texas.html
An introduction to J. Staute and Shadowfast http://www.jmooneyham.com/introduction-to-staute-and-shadowfast.html
No good deed goes unpunished http://www.jmooneyham.com/no-good-deed-goes-unpunished.html
Kissing the wall http://www.jmooneyham.com/kissing-the-wall.html
When push came to shove http://www.jmooneyham.com/when-push-came-to-shove.html
Shadowfast versus the tornados http://www.jmooneyham.com/shadowfast-supercar-versus-the-tornados.html
Part One of Nowhere to go but up: The spectacular high speed end of Shadowfast, possibly the ultimate 20th century Mustang Mach One (a J. Staute-related story; specifically concerning Staute's past history: the late 20th century) http://www.jmooneyham.com/shadowfast_mustang.html
Nowhere to go but up, part two http://www.jmooneyham.com/shadowfast_mustang-2.html
Real life supercar http://www.jmooneyham.com/real-life-supercar.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Notes on the creation of possibly the ultimate Mustang Mach One of the 20th century http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_project.html
Reflections upon a supercar http://www.jmooneyham.com/reflections-supercar.html
The poor man's supercar http://www.jmooneyham.com/poor-mans-supercar.html
Notes from the actual owner/driver of the Shadowfast super car http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_notes.html
The missing super car http://www.jmooneyham.com/missing-super-car.html
Shadow's collection of unique gadgets and tricks http://www.jmooneyham.com/shadows-unique-gadgets-and-tricks.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part One http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part Two http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept_2.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part Three http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept_3.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part Four http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept_4.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part Five http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept_5.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Concept Sketches Part Six http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_concept_6.html
The Shadowfast Super Car Project Context of the Times http://www.jmooneyham.com/super_car_context.html
The ultimate science fiction novel for geeks http://www.jmooneyham.com/ultimate-science-fiction-novel-for-geeks.html
The Chance of a Realtime A J. Staute online novel ONLINE NOVEL TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.jmooneyham.com/chance-realtime-toc.html
A science fiction dream-- or nightmare-- which may someday engulf us all http://www.jmooneyham.com/science-fiction-nightmare.html
A brief introduction to J. Staute http://www.jmooneyham.com/introduction-j-staute.html
Prologue: Critical mass http://www.jmooneyham.com/prologue-critical-mass.html
Chapter One: Something Different http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap1-something-different.html
Chapter Two: Learning the Ropes http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap2-learning-ropes.html
Chapter Three: Drafted http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap3-drafted.html
Chapter Four: Navigator http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap4-navigator.html
Chapter five: Contact http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap5-contact.html
Chapter six: The farthest reaches http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap6-farthest-reaches.html
Chapter seven: Baptism by fire http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap7-baptism-fire.html
Chapter eight: Putting a genie back in his bottle http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap8-genie-bottle.html
Chapter nine: Inner space wars http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap9-inner-space-wars.html
Chapter ten: Sol mate http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap10-sol-mate.html
Chapter eleven: Fractures http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap11-fractures.html
Chapter twelve: Not to be http://www.jmooneyham.com/chap12-not-to-be.html
The story of Kerri and Cluke http://www.jrmooneyham.com/kerri.html
The Pearsall Saga http://www.jrmooneyham.com/prslsaga.html
Approximately 37,000 BC - 35,000 BC: Childhood ends for one Australian http://www.jrmooneyham.com/chosn.html
Approximately 780 AD - 900 AD: An unusual member of the Mayan elite helps lead his nation into ruin to serve his own ends http://www.jrmooneyham.com/mayn.html

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