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User logs for various products and services

Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle Elite user's log 5-22-03 through PRESENT includes (as of 9-27-04): first impressions, early effects of use, noise, break down, repair, Captain Kirk status, an online Gazelle manual, overseas acquisition, user modification, optimizing workout time of day, the Sears Fitness Quest Gazelle Supra, interesting workout-related 'fountain of youth' effects, and more http://www.jmooneyham.com/tlgzll.html
SOHO (Small Office Home Office) LAN user's log 1-14-2001 through PRESENT includes (as of 9-27-04): Adding broadband, building a SOHO Ethernet network, configuring router, PCs and Macs, outages, reboots, OS X, sudden cable modem replacement, ISP outage, adding network switches, local ISP performance, reliability, amplification of cable TV network, power protection, and more http://www.jmooneyham.com/xnet.html
Compaq Presario 2170 Laptop user's log 8-9-03 through PRESENT includes (as of 9-27-04): Setting up a new Windows XP laptop, modern computer and networking woes, laptop advantages during storms, problems with backups, install an FTP program, system restore, SP2 install, new tricks, and more http://www.jmooneyham.com/cp2170.html
Apple PowerMac G4 (dual 1 GHz PPC G4) user's log 4-1-02 through PRESENT includes (as of 11-5-04): specifications, ZIP install, multiple CPR sessions (dead Mac recovery), typing glitch, install of all-in-one printer, cordless mouse, awful printer cartridge replacement, partly dead Apple display, switch attempt from Internet Explorer to Apple Safari, the sad state of computer-assisted do-it-yourself-artwork circa 2004, and more. http://www.jmooneyham.com/pmg4.html
Sony VAIO PCV-RX540 user's log 12-11-01 through PRESENT includes (as of 11-5-04): specifications for two PCs, adding a 17 inch monitor, one difficult and one easy internet set up, a graphics card upgrade, and more. http://www.jmooneyham.com/rx540.html
Hewlett-Packard Pavilion XE783 user's log 9-6-04 through PRESENT includes (as of 11-5-04): A switch from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla, USA UPS considerations, spontaneous rebooting due to overheating, and more http://www.jmooneyham.com/xe783.html
Hewlett-Packard Pavilion XE783 user's log ARCHIVES January 2001 through 6-19-04 includes (as of 11-5-04): RAM upgrade, installation of a ZIP drive, XP upgrade considerations, adding a 17 inch monitor, the good and bad of switching from Macs to PCs, backup crisis, backup media, power blink during bootup, serious long file name problems and backups, and more http://www.jmooneyham.com/xe783z.html
Apple iMac Revision D (333 MHz) user's log http://www.jmooneyham.com/imac.html
Reviews and User Logs for certain old/used/refurbished PCs and related wares http://www.jmooneyham.com/revul.html
Apple Mac Performa 6400/6500 user's log http://www.jmooneyham.com/p6400.html
Compaq Presario 5151 user's log http://www.jmooneyham.com/5151.html

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