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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 1,000,000 BC- 8,001 BC: The peopling of the prehistoric Americas and the extinctions of the American megafauna

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Approximately 200,000+ BC: Humans are treating animal skins for use as clothing; people may be living in California

Many humans worldwide are moving in seasonal migrations and making use of a wide variety of plants and animals for food.

The greater exploitation of animal hides for clothing and accessories is substantially increasing humanity's flexibility in terms of climate, terrain, and hunting by providing better protection from the elements and animal attacks, as well as offering improvements in camouflage and storage options.

This invention and use of clothing is a significant technological breakthrough for humanity, and will allow people to greatly expand their exploration and settlement of the Earth.

Humans long ago became masters at imitating animal noises and calls-- now they can imitate animal smells and appearance as well. Humans may be emulating animals in other ways too, wherever they observe a particularly useful survival or hunting technique being practiced by the beasts.

There's a good chance at least some advances in human footwear are also occuring at this time.

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