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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 2018 AD-2025 AD: Consumer robotics go mainstream; 'wire heads' appear; do-it-yourself medical care; organ regeneration; unmanned planes of many types becoming common

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2018 milestone: The developed nations are slowly fireproofing homes, autos, offices, and even citizens themselves...

...via new materials like metallic foams, fire-resistant second skins for individuals, and other new materials and techniques.

The next materials wave may involve metallic foams-- sponge-like metal materials of ultra lightweight but incredible strength, which are also fireproof, suitable for taller, safer skyscrapers, bigger and better planes, cooler re-entries for spacecraft, stunningly enormous bridges, and more.

-- "The Next Plastic", 2-1-99, Office Of Naval Research

"Barricade gel", which is a new material for improving fire resistance and/or extinguishing fires entirely. Created with the use of polymers such as those from disposeable baby diapers, the shaving cream-like gel can be a tough nut for flames to crack. It makes for easy cleanup after a fire is out too.

--"Gel from disposable diapers proves fire-resistant" By KAREN TESTA , Nando Media/Associated Press, April 26, 1999

-- "Texas company adding ORNL material to portfolio; Uses For Space-Age Carbon Foam Range From Laptop Computers To Automobile Aerodynamics", 8/18/99 ScienceDaily Magazine, http://www.sciencedaily.com//releases/1999/08/990816070501.htm, Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(Also see items elsewhere in this document about new 'second skin' treatments for individuals)

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