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CONTENTS of 59,999,999 BC- 51,000 BC Large land and aquatic mammals appear; many kinds of primates appear (almost as many go extinct); an island continent finally disappears for good; the Mediterranean valley turns into the Mediterranean Sea; human beings emerge, develop housing, clothes, lamps, and drugs, breed dogs, use horses; Mars dies (or goes dormant)

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Approximately 1,500,000 BC - 500,000 BC: Saber-toothed tigers help human predecessors expand into Europe from Africa

It seems saber-tooth meals provide lots of leftovers, and hominids of the time are competing with hyenas for the scraps. However, the saber-tooth population is gone from Africa by 1,500,000 BC, moving northwards into Europe. Following this ready source of food scraps may be part of the reason some hominids move into Europe too. By 500,000 BC though the saber-tooths are gone from Europe as well, leaving the hominids to secure a replacement for that food source in their diet.

-- free lunch, New Scientist ["http://www.newscientist.com"], 29 May 1999

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