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Something awful this way comes
One hell of an adventure/experience

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This page last updated on or about 5-19-06
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Many of us often-times crave to experience something new, something different, something exciting. Something wholly unlike anything which has ever happened to us before.

But if and when we get our wish, we may well find the challenges involved overwhelming-- and so switch to hoping for a speedy exit, escape, or rescue from the new circumstances. Uh oh!

But real adventures are like that. That is, such an experience all too often develops into one hell of an adventure, the likes of which you'll love relating to others afterwards-- if only you can survive it in the first place(!) Yikes!

On this page is offered only the most dire and harrowing of tales to be found on this site. Far, far too many of the stories reference actual events in the life of the author (ouch!). But some fiction is to be found here as well.

Only the scariest and/or most arduous or awful from the site are linked here. To get more complete lists of the accounts from which these are selected, please refer to The Shadowfast supercar driver logs, Signposts timeline perspectives on the future, and The Chance of a Realtime online epic.

Please choose your personal path to hellacious adventure or torment from the list below.

In those accounts below incorporating real-life events, details like names, dates, and more have been changed for reasons which should become apparent to readers.

[Caution: The accounts below may incorporate adult language, behavior, and concerns.]

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