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The Signposts Perspectives
6,001 AD and beyond

The ultimate fate of the universe

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[Caution: Extreme speculation ahead; this section mostly created for "What If?" entertainment value. For instance, the chances of human civilization actually surviving more or less intact to 6,001 AD may be exceedingly remote (refer to The Rise and Fall of Star Faring Civilizations in Our Own Galaxy for an outline of the challenges which we'll face). If humanity survives without major setback merely to 2,500 AD or so (and advances as expected technology-wise too), the Earth itself may not survive the species' collective impulses. Much longer than that, and even the Sun and remainder of the solar system too may fall prey to our whims (as described elsewhere on site). However, for this section of Perspectives we will often (but not always) assume that the Sun and Earth survive regardless of humanity's fate. Among other things, this means most if not all of the fictional storylines from earlier perspectives pages will be largely ignored here. Freeing up this section from requirements for consistency with those fictions makes it easier and faster to present to readers the views and ideas of many scientists, scholars, and research projects concerning what may or may not transpire in the furthest reaches of the Universe and its future. Enjoy!]

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