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Cord-Cutting For the Rest of Us

How to make your own Amazon Kindle ebook in just hours CHEAT SHEET

Dealing with job burnout, depression, and more

Improve your luck

Getting rich in America

Supercars: The legends, history, creators, specifications, and more, PLUS, how to build your own!

Mac OS X troubleshooting, repair, and recovery CHEAT SHEET

Miscellaneous research reports...

The gargantuan mountain of cash that separates the rich from everyone else

What the rich do with their astonishing freedom from taxes

They own you and all your property too

They did WHAT!?! The dirty deeds of Republicans get little attention in the mainstream media-- partly because they're often so heinous and unbelievable

Does allowing U.S. Republicans free rein in government always bring about economic depression? It appears so.

In the very worst real-world calamities to ever strike mankind throughout history, only Clark Kent-- not Superman-- could have saved the day.

Stephen King could have been God

Things only Americans worry about

Are we there yet?

Sometime soon humanity should be hitting a techno-economic tipping point, after which all the basics of life like food, shelter, transport, and medical care would logically become dramatically easier and cheaper to obtain...UNLESS...

America's de facto domestic and foreign policies of artificial scarcity and institutionalized poverty

Part one
Part two
Part two references

Advertisement for the enormous hidden costs of right-wing political governance
The enormous hidden costs to society of 'right-wing' political governance

One minute site tour (and free site wallpapers!)

What most perplexes 31st century folk about our own time:
Who-- or what-- was Jerry Staute?

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