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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 2018 AD-2025 AD: Consumer robotics go mainstream; 'wire heads' appear; do-it-yourself medical care; organ regeneration; unmanned planes of many types becoming common

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2020-2025 milestone: Structural electronics/'smart' structures based on semi-conducting carbon composites are becoming generally available

Essentially the new technology allows the body panels/outer skins of automobiles and aircraft to perform tasks such as energy collection and/or storage (solar cells, batteries), the creation of 'smart' clothing, bridges, and buildings, and computers built from laminations of multiple layers of composite circuitry.

Carbon composite processing is a slow and somewhat bulky option compared to other alternatives, but it is also low cost, and often capable of performing reliably under harsh conditions where other computing technologies wouldn't.

Combine carbon composite's new electronic and data processing capacities with its original attributes of great strength and light weight, along with vastly improved manufacturing techniques for the material, and the result is a boom in its incorporation into many facets of modern life. From many forms of aircraft and automobiles, to home construction and furnishings/appliances, to extremely low cost computers, to many varieties of personnel armor for police, military, and sports purposes, and more-- carbon composites are becoming as common now as plain plastics did decades before.

-- "Crystal ball shows glittering chameleon in your future -- you" By David Horrigan August 24, 1999, Union-Tribune Publishing Co.

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