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CONTENTS of 59,999,999 BC- 51,000 BC Large land and aquatic mammals appear; many kinds of primates appear (almost as many go extinct); an island continent finally disappears for good; the Mediterranean valley turns into the Mediterranean Sea; human beings emerge, develop housing, clothes, lamps, and drugs, breed dogs, use horses; Mars dies (or goes dormant)

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Approximately 13,000,000 BC: A 'mini-extinction' event may be afflicting life on Earth, and the giant man-ape Gigantopithecus makes its debut

-- "Nearby supernova may have caused mini-extinction", SciNews-MedNews, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 31-Jul-99, Contact: James E. Kloeppel, Physical Sciences Editor (217) 244-1073; kloeppel@uiuc.edu

Possibly 600-1200 pounds and up to 10 feet in height, Gigantopithecus will be the largest primate known to have ever existed, by 1999 AD humanity. Note that the ancestors of Gigantopithecus were among the few survivors of the multiple ape species extinctions two million years before. And now Gigantopithecus itself emerges as a separate species from yet another significant extinction event.

Gigantopithecus is proving itself to be a hardy and adaptable line among the apes-- perhaps comparable in some ways to the much later Neanderthals who will survive a brutal Ice Age in the times ahead.

-- The UnMuseum - Gigantopithecus ["http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/bigape.htm"] by Lee Krystek, found on or about 10-20-99

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