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CONTENTS of entire timeline

CONTENTS of 2082 AD-2183 AD: The virtual telepathy of the shush net emerges; active electro-chemical mind alteration is becoming common; heavy commercialization of space is proceeding; historical stress levels on average citizens (as well as mass species extinctions due to growing human numbers squeezing out other lifeforms) are both peaking now

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2115 milestone: The shush net dominates personal communications today worldwide

"Talking without speaking" has swept the globe-- due in no small part to the new competitive advantages the shush net offers users relative to non-users. Complex and lengthy explanations are enormously simplified and accelerated. Teaching/learning/training activities benefit greatly. Debates and discussions are far more organized and efficient. Virtually all previous language barriers of human history seem to have disappeared with the advent of the shush net (to the chagrin of some). Even basic communication with suitably equipped but non-boosted animals (such as pets) is made practical at last with the shush net too (sparking furious complaints from some religious and other factions).

News and tech media are frequently citing benefits from the shush net on shared VR and online communities as well-- and announcements of exciting breakthroughes in these areas seem to occur daily.

The arrival of a mainstream consumer-level shush net is hailed by many as a socio-economic breakthrough on par with the development of the internet itself more than a century before.

Note that the development of the shush net appears to be one consequence of the ongoing Vinge Singularity-like events taking place in some if not all virtual states of this time. Elements like the shush net are increasingly the only counters left to what is otherwise becoming a civilization consisting of individuals with little or no direct physical interaction with their peers.

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