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How to make a scarcity out of scarcity

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This page last updated on or about 3-31-07

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A portal to new and evolving e-commerce models suitable for just about any determined writer, artist, inventor or entrepreneur worldwide with a computer and regular internet access.

What's been the biggest single change for the better in the human condition throughout all of history?

The emergence of a middle-class large enough and prosperous enough to have a say in the creation of governmental policies.

So what percentage of humanity today is comfortably ensconced in the global middle-class?

Apparently way too few, as billions still suffer in poverty as most of the profits off their toil are siphoned off and spent by a tiny isolated few on weapons of mass destruction and huge standing armies, or else luxuries so extravagant as to be beyond belief for the average world citizen.

Wresting control of the world from the few hundred families which now command it is truly a vital issue for the majority of humanity today. But that's a subject for another page.

Here we'll examine a bottom up approach to wealth creation and distribution. Namely, making it on your own.

How? Many of today's poor likely possess significant writing, artistic, inventing, or entrepreneurial skills which could be applied to a huge spectrum of human endeavor. And internet access in theory should allow anyone with such resources to leverage them over a significant market-- thus generating for themselves a decent living or profitable sideline along the way.

But exactly how may the common man or woman best harness this new frontier in order to gain entry to the good life?

They need a template. A model. A map or demonstration showing how their existing or pending skills can be utilized to generate cash via the internet in an honest and straightforward manner.

Here I am proud to present what I hope to be a useful stable of conceptual models for this purpose.

Of course conceptual models are one thing: functioning operations, quite another.

So here I offer you working code as programmers might say. These concepts in living economic form, ready and available for transactions and fulfillment. I.e., there are real products and services here for purchase and use on this site, utilizing the models described.

But no purchase is necessary for you to examine the models for lessons towards applying them to your own unique ventures.

Just check out how I've used the ideas with my own writing and imagery (and vice versa). Then apply the methods to your own creative efforts.

Itís as simple as that.

If you agree in regards to their potential for increasing world prosperity, I hope you'll spread the word in order to maximize their benefit for all.

The children are waiting.

Good luck to us every one!

-- J.R. Mooneyham, early 2007

Currently operating models for your examination:

More coming soon!

If you'd like to learn more about the theory and experience behind these ideas-- as well as about the mainstream e-commerce models being used by various sized internet businesses today-- please CLICK HERE.

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