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The most vexing question of the 31st century regarding the 21st:

Who-- or what-- was Jerry Staute?

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For all the breathtaking technological wizardry available to those of the 31st century, there will remain one mystery beyond their powers to resolve: who (or what) was Jerry Staute?

Roughly a thousand years after his death, the glittering civilization spawned from humanity will look upon his deeds with awe. And wonder how one man could possibly have achieved everything then attributed to his existence-- and yet remained a virtual unknown during his own time.

Those of us actually living in the 21st century can, of course, learn a bit more about Staute than our future counterparts.

Like the fact that a single man didn't accomplish all the things our future brethren will believe. For over the ages, two different 21st century men-- making use of the same name-- became inextricably linked through a series of extraordinary events and coincidences, to create the legacy which will seem so monumental a millennium later.

And yet, the results of their combined actions changed the fate of humanity so dramatically, that even splitting the credit between them barely diminishes the magnitude of their individual achievements.

Below is an illustrated index to accounts detailing the lives of these two men: accounts which sometime between now and the 31st century will be lost and forgotten, resulting in the bewildered amazement of untold future generations.

The journals of Jerry Staute (a.k.a. 'Chance' Staute)Reference notes on the life and times of 'Chance' Staute and Staute Prime
CrossroadsYoung bespectacled geek Jerry Staute comes of age in a wild east Tennessee rural county where oftentimes anything goes

Staute's full official name is Gerald Walter Staute.

Sketch of Jerry 'Chance' Staute in his prime
Another man will use the name "G.W. Staute" too-- only in his case as a pseudonym for authorship of certain works later in life: works which will gain him enormous fame in centuries to follow. As well as lead to some critically important confusion regarding the pseudonymous author and the supercar builder. This second G.W. Staute's acts during life will set into motion events millennia later which will prove vital to the survival of the human race. And involve the first and true G.W. Staute, largely by accident. The supercar Staute and the pseudonymous G.W. Staute will eventually be distinguished by historians as Chance Staute and Staute Prime, respectively. The biggest difference between the two during their lifetimes will be that Staute Prime will succeed at making a fortune early on, compared to the never-ending financial struggles of the other.

Thumbnail image of a red 1970s banana seat bicycle
A small slice of one young rural geek's life

Thumbnail image of an old red world book encyclopedia set
Passages to a larger world

Thumbnail image of a 1971 green and black Chevrolet Chevelle SS
A teenage pressure cooker
Thumbnail of gorgeous blonde high school cheerleader Sue Anne Maddison from the Shadowfast supercar driver logs and the online novel The chance of a realtime

Thumbnail image of 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with front spoiler and mud flaps
The original Shadowfast look
How one struggling teenager met one wrecked Mustang

Thumbnail image of green and black vinyl top 1967 chevrolet camaro
Of new best friends and old
My best friend's green and black 1971 Boss 351 Mustang
Testing the limits

Thumbnail image of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner
Pulling the tiger's tail
Fools rush in
Thumbnail image of a 1961 Chrysler 300 G
Ancient mysteries
So near, yet so far
The Talladega incident

Thumbnail image of a 1971 Ford Pinto
To save my world

Thumbnail image of a Mustang supercar project log cover symbol

The Shadowfast supercar driver logs; (the adventures of a real-life outlaw driver and his self-built supercar in 1970s America)

Heavily influenced by local racers, outlaws, friends, and family (as well as poverty), frustrated teen Jerry Staute pushes forward in some of the seemingly few avenues open to him for exploration and adventure: racing and automotive experimentation (among other things).

Despite his poverty, Staute manages to transform his 1969 Mustang into a true supercar-- and himself into an expert driver-- who's surprisingly good at improvising on-the-fly (to the frequent dismay of his opponents).
Thumbnail of beautiful girl and hot high school cheerleader
Cover art for the ebook Sirens, volume one of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.
Slip, sliding away
Thumbnail of stunning red-haired high school femme fatale Lindsay Finch from  the Shadowfast supercar story Slip, sliding away
Thumbnail of largely factory-standard 1969 Ford Mustang

Old Pontiac GTO race competitor

Thumbnail image of a 1969 American Motors Javelin AMX
Too close for comfort
Thumbnail of the ravishing brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty Dana Connor in a bikini from the Shadowfast supercar story Too close for comfort
Cover art for the ebook Necessary Ends, volume two of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.
One small taste of Hell
Supercar concept sketches #1
Supercar concept sketches #2
Supercar concept sketches #3
Supercar concept sketches #4
Supercar concept sketches #5
The Shadowfast super car project: Interior concept sketches
Thumbnail image of a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

A two-way Citizen's Band (CB) radio
A call to arms
Thumbnail image of a Mustang supercar wallpaper with spread wings and stallion head


Or wallpapers for your desktop!

Thumbnail image of a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi
The Daytona 1200

Falling rock danger sign
The Shadowfast super car project
The poor man's supercar
Shadowfast and 1969 Shelby GT-350 comparison

My friend Marco's red and black 1970 Mustang Mach 1
Wild horses

Fire in the woods or forest fire

Thumbnail image of green and black vinyl top 1967 chevrolet camaro with aftermarket hood and spoilers
The spring break plot
Blue light special
Shadow's unique gadgets and tricks
The evolution of Shadow's gadgetry
Thumbnail image of custom-painted 1970 green and black mustang
Fast times at Sigma Chi
Cover art for the ebook Deep in the Throat of Texas, volume three of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.
Too close to the bone

The word 'Texas' as seen on an original Texas automotive license plate from the 1970s.
Thumbnail of head-on (front) view of the Shadowfast supercar
No good deed goes unpunished
A brick wall
Kissing the wall
The teeth of Brigg's unmarked police car bumper
When push came to shove
Thumbnail image of a poster of the Shadowfast supercar climbing the wall in the story When push came to shove

A tornado close up
Shadowfast versus the tornados

Natural electrical arc or lightning strike
Thumbnail image of a 1971 Ford Torino GT
Thumbnail of bikini-clad blonde beauty Bridget Dufay from the Shadowfast supercar story Heartbreaker
Cover art for the ebook Driving Needs, volume four of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.
Breaking upThe Chance of a Realtime (science fiction novel)

Jerry Staute is abducted by time travelers and spends months hopping across eternity and witnessing the technological wonders of the far future, before being returned home again with no memory of the events (he will regain the memories 18 years later). Staute is both kidnapped and returned in the year 1972-- being absent for only a few hours, so far as he or any of his fellow inhabitants of 1972 could tell.

Staute's abduction takes place during the span otherwise documented in Breaking up.

Thumbnail of a US Army ROTC certificate
Liars and traitors and bears
The ultimate science fiction novel for geeks
Prologue: Critical mass
Timeline of future history
Cover art for the ebook A Shock to the System, volume one of The Chance of a Realtime.
Black and blue magic
A science fiction dream-- or nightmare-- which may someday engulf us all
Something different

Thumbnail image of a blue 1971 Chevrolet Vega
Thumbnail of the Shadowfast supercar alone (top view)
Ring of fire
Thumbnail of irresistable asian woman scientist from the far future, Ling Chen, from the online science fiction novel The chance of a realtime
Learning the ropes
Selected perspectives on the future

Smoky Mountains scenic overlook
Over the edge

Tight curve speed warning sign (5 mph)
Thumbnail of twin waterfalls in Tennessee
Cover art for the ebook Nowhere to Go But Up, volume five of the Shadowfast supercar driver logs.
Daytona 2.0: Between a Ferrari and a hard place
Thumbnail image of a real-life Mustang supercar

Thumbnail image of a 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Daytona
Thumbnail image of an angled 3D top view of an enormous time-traveling ship from the future

Roddy's red Trans Am from story What goes around

Thumbnail image of rear tail view of a yellow and black 1969 Dodge Charger
What goes around...

Thumbnail image of a 1970 Z-28 Chevrolet Camaro

Thumbnail image of a lonely tree and shack on a hill in a dream
Cover art for the ebook Meeting of the Minds, volume two of The Chance of a Realtime.
Thumbnail image of a 1961 Chrysler 300 G
Nowhere to go but up
The real life aspects of the Shadowfast super car
The farthest reaches

Thumbnail image of a doughnut-shaped cloud of an advanced space colony of the far future
Cover art for the ebook Dark Horse: The Official Shadowfast Supercar Technical Reference.
Baptism by fire
The Moonshadow flying wing pilot logsStaute decides to go airborne to seek his fortune, in an experimental craft he designs himself.Putting a genie back in his bottle
Great balls of fireInner space wars

Thumbnail image of a super-being being downgraded or transformed into a human
The poor man's airship

A full moon

First flight
Thumbnail of awesomely hot pearl-skinned woman from the far future, Symantici, from the online science fiction novel The chance of a realtime
Sol mate
A whole lot of shaking going onFractures
Angled belly view of a home-built outlaw airship
Air commandNot to be
A ghost of a chance

Thumbnail image of a 1958 VW Beetle
A fantasy of chaos
Cover art for the ebook The Madness of Dreamers, volume three of The Chance of a Realtime.
Angled top view of a home-built outlaw airship
Surgical strikeDescent into chaos

Thumbnail image of a battle-suited trooper from the greatest game ever played
Playing with fireHell and the human spirit
Top view of a home-built outlaw airship
The Orson Welles gambitThe terror
Moonshadow versus the HornetThe taking of Amphitritium

Thumbnail image of a merman and mermaid swimming together
Belly view of a home-built outlaw airship
Lights, guns, actionThe siege of the seventh palace

Thumbnail a spherical underwater palace in the greatest game
The maiden of the mountainsThe battle of Belphi station
In over my head
The real life aspects of the Moonshadow airship
Me, myself, and a nano eye
Bad bad boy
Special solutions for special problems: Chance Staute's entrepreneurial case logsShaken but unbowed by the trauma of his most recent experiences, Staute returns to the skies with a vengeance in an all new aircraft.Bright lights, hard vacuum
The Dart pilot logsReturn to origin
Cover art for the ebook Wildest Dreams, Lost and Found.
Lost and Found
(Thanks Rafe!)
Dream team
The 'Chance' Staute fate-storm logsFinally, after 18 long years, Staute regains the memories of his time-traveling jaunt-- and sets about collecting the spoils of his strategic victory over his kidnappers.Staute Prime and the first immortal artificial intelligence
Treasure hunt
Rear view of an early 21st century wearable computing harness.
Power training
Front view of an early 21st century wearable computing harness.
Shadowfast the living
Missing links
Billions to one
The mystery sheriff gambit
Time enough for love...

Thumbnail image of a human brain.
2071 milestone: the best of Staute Prime's A.I.s is now the equivalent of a human pre-schooler-- who suddenly faces an adult serial killer.
Thumbnail image of brilliant dark-haired beauty Liz Pearsall from the Pearsall saga
The Pearsall saga

Thanks to Jerry Staute nearly single-handedly driving the Kerguelen out of Sol system and towards the galactic core, humanity survives several more centuries-- eventually allowing the intrepid space explorers of Al and Liz Pearsall to launch towards the core themselves, as but one team among many seeking to lay claim to the raw resource riches of the galaxy, and thereby acquire their own fortunes. But Staute's earlier vanquishing of the Kerguelen from Sol-- combined with the Pearsalls ultimately becoming the frontrunners in humanity's race to the core-- means the more successful the Pearsalls are, the closer they come to encountering the same threat Staute faced centuries before. Only this time the Kerguelen will be considerably further advanced, technology-wise.

Of course, the Pearsalls will only have to worry about the Kerguelen if they make it past some other challenges first...
2270-2330: the second wave of private deep space explorers leave the solar system

Thumbnail of one of the most famous future spacecraft of all time

The Battle for Pearsalls' Grit (part one)
Thumbnail image of the artificial intelligence guided moonlet Tweedle Dum attacking Grit
One man's adventures in the great beyond

All great runs must come to an end; and Jerry Staute had gotten just about the best run he could have asked for in life-- despite being desperately unhappy and stressed out during most of the span. For in dying he had also finally convinced the Kerguelen to give up Sol system to humanity, and head towards the galactic core. And best of all, Staute had managed this without humanity ever learning of the enormous danger it'd been in-- thereby also preserving the future timeline Staute had seen during his months onboard the time-traveling vessel Pagnew.

But unfortunately for Staute, the eternal rest he so desperately craved was not to be. At least not from simply dying. For it turns out there is an afterlife after all-- at least for some of us.

And saving the world qualifies you for even bigger jobs...

Thumbnail of hot dark-haired woman in a cat suit
The Battle for Pearsalls' Grit (part two)
Thumbnail image of the artificial intelligence guided moonlet Tweedle Dum exploding into a fleet of space-going battleships to press its attack on our heroes near the climax of the Battle for Pearsalls' Grit
My first day in the afterlifeThe rehabilitation of Al Pearsall
The fearless heart

Thumbnail image of a beautiful blonde angel from beyond
For the love of Liz Pearsall
The DreamtimeCrawlspace: gauntlet to the galactic core
Return to tomorrow
The heart of the beast
3000-3450: Some small progress in time warping/travel technology is made

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