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Your future as legend begins here!

Leverage the existing research and stories on this site
to better launch your own projects onto the world stage!


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This page last updated on or about 1-7-09

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The world's in dire need of some fresh and modern myths and legends. New examples for a new century.

So step up to the plate, and show us what you've got!

Reveal yourself and your talents (or feats) to the world, for all to see. And give us something new at which to marvel.

Start your legendary future here!

How? Your choice. Some legends-in-the-making need do no more than document the true facts of their lives or deeds. Such things might involve the building of a real life super car or fantastic abode (think Carroll Shelby or Frank Lloyd Wright).

Other legends excel more at harnessing our imaginations. Taking us places in our fantasies we might not have believed possible (think Orson Welles, Stephen Spielberg, or Stephen King).

Could it be that you at present are an unappreciated novelist such as Stephen King himself was for much of his life? Or worse, have you have a complete or near complete novel hidden away which you've allowed few if any to ever see?

Or maybe you're another type of legend-to-be: a private investigator or scientific researcher or cutting edge inventor. Show us what you're made of here, and make your mark!

So how might we help you present yourself or your works to the world?

By acting as an already-established gateway to your brainchild. Giving you a headstart over just about anyone else attempting to get the world's attention from scratch, these days.

And better yet, our site should help yours to attract the exact sort of folks most likely to appreciate what you have to offer. Since your link will only be embedded in a page which has already been bringing in fans of similar topics for years now.

Of course, that means our service won't work for just anyone. Hopefully though, one of our existing slots will make a fine fit for your particular effort!

CLICK HERE to choose from a catalog of ideas and suggestions towards achieving your own legendary status

So what's next after you've got yourself something to present?

Show it to the world!

Once you have your presentation completed (or well underway) you can have us link to it from our site.

Of course, since not all folks out there play nice, we must include some clear rules in order to protect all us good guys from the bad.

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Launch your own legend on our site

The addition of YOUR chosen legend name or title to the appropriate page's link box on OUR site, including an embedded link to your own web site OR email address for TWO YEARS:
........................$ 24.95

The information we'll need to process your order (besides the typical payment stuff):


1. Please identify the page on OUR site you want your legend seen and linked from.

You may identify the story by either its web page address OR its title. The web address is commonly seen in the top text entry field of your web browser window when visiting that page-- and would typically look something like "http://www.jmooneyham.com/chance-realtime-toc.html".

You can give us a page title instead of address if you wish. The page title is usually seen near the top center of our pages, as displayed in your web browser. For example, "The Chance of a Realtime" is the page title for the web page address/URL given above.

Here's a handy catalog of current legend linkboxes and their web addresses. Just provide us with either a web address or page title as described before.

If for some reason the catalog doesn't meet your needs, please write us at webfluxmagazine@yahoo.com

2. The name or title you wish to be seen representing your legend.

3. Where do you want your clickable legend link to take web surfers? Example: The web address (URL) of your page to which you want your legend link to take people when they click it on our site, OR the email address you want there instead of a web URL. An URL would look something like "http://www.thisandthat.com/index.html", while an email address is formatted like "johndoe@thisandthat.com"

4. Your email address for possible verification matters, plus so we can send you notice of the web address where your legend link may be found after its installation.

5. Please allow up to 10 business days for your legend link to actually appear on site, and you to receive e-mail notification of its presence.

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If you have questions or comments about this offer please write J.R. at webfluxmagazine@yahoo.com


Of course, if you want to embed a web site link for your legend-building purposes, and don't at present have a site, you'll want some help. CLICK HERE for some recommended starting points for that.

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