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CONTENTS of 59,999,999 BC- 51,000 BC Large land and aquatic mammals appear; many kinds of primates appear (almost as many go extinct); an island continent finally disappears for good; the Mediterranean valley turns into the Mediterranean Sea; human beings emerge, develop housing, clothes, lamps, and drugs, breed dogs, use horses; Mars dies (or goes dormant)

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Approximately 400,000 BC- 350,000 BC: Humans in Africa are making pigments/paints for aesthetic purposes now, if not earlier; People in Germany are beginning to engage in sculpture

The colors are likely used in body painting for various rituals and social occasions. The use of paint in this manner suggests symbolic thinking, perhaps even use of spoken language.

-- BBC News | SCI/TECH | Earliest evidence of art found ["http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_733000/733747.stm"], 2 May, 2000

Human beings in Syria were apparently delving into the creation of sculpture as far back as around 218,000 BC. People in Europe and Kenya may have been doing the same at the time-- perhaps earlier. A German relic appears to have been created around 348,000 BC. Such works imply symbolic thought on the part of their makers.

-- 'Lump of Rock' Turns Out to Be World's First Sculpture ["http://www.ngnews.com/news/2000/09/09252000/lumpofrock_3063.asp"] By The Independent, September 25, 2000

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