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Biological and Chemical (or Biochemical)
Weapons and Related Defenses

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The links below are some I'm considering for inclusion in future updates. Some of the links may end up being discarded later for reasons of broken URLs or others. So consider this list to be 'raw'; that is, not all of the sites will necessarily be good and valuable links for the purposes of this site. I include them here because (A) this is a handy place for me to personally check them out when I get the chance, and (B), where some of the links do prove valuable, having them here gives YOU the earliest possible access to them. I've included my personal first impressions on various sites too, where available.

Researchers create potential toxic sensor chip by combining electronics with living cell
Health system unprepared for water terrorism
Al Qaeda,Anthrax and Ayman
Anthrax vaccine a deadly defense
Expanding vaccinations called unwise
Microbe found that eats toxic waste
Microbial Materials Scientists co-opt viruses, bacteria, and fungi to build new structures
Scientists map DNA of plague strain
Hatfill Trained U.S. Team on Bioweapons (washingtonpost.com)
Is there a benefit to having been vaccinated against smallpox as a child?
Is flu the next bioterror weapon?
Researchers Find A New Way To Potentially Thwart Anthrax
Novel NIST spectroscopic method can detect terrorist threats
A new NIST wireless network for emergency communications
NIST helps ensure reliability of trace explosive detectors
making the studies secret has hindered efforts to inform farm and food companies about the security gaps and how they might better protect the food supply
Researchers aim to centralize N.C. emergency room data to combat epidemics, bioterrorism
Smallpox vaccine provides more protection than previously thought
More than 90 percent of Americans older than 35 have already been vaccinated against smallpox. This translates into about 150 million people who are likely to have at least some level of detectable immunity against this disease
Real-time detection of pathogens in the environment How close are we
advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool
US conceives a morning-after-the-blast-before pill - smh.com.au
Radiation sickness drug could save thousands
Cleaning up contaminated soil, groundwater
South Africa's Gruesome Secrets (bioweapons)
Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot'
Neutrino beam could neutralise nuclear bombs
The Monitor finds high levels of radiation left by US armor-piercing shells
David Bloom's death tied to smallpox shot
Bioterror Funds Helped Fight SARS in U.S.
Feds, health insurers focus on sharing bioterror data - Computerworld
Seven Nuclear Sites Looted (washingtonpost.com)
Dirty Weapons - Casualties From Iraq War Will Mount
Speculation SARS leaked from bio-weapon program - theage.com.au
Harmless anthrax relatives conceal deadly weapons
Gas, chemicals, bombs Britain has used them all before in Iraq
Biotoxins Fall Into Private Hands (washingtonpost.com)
Lethal Legacy Bioweapons for Sale (washingtonpost.com)
Russian Roulette Terrorists Could Get Cold War Weapons
Weapons lab rolls out new radiation detectors
Have medical journals helped to justify war?
Attack Anthrax Reportedly Simple to Make
Anthrax Source Probably Domestic
U.S. Allies Also Have Chemical Weapons
Medical journals may have played a role in helping to justify the war on Iraq by over-emphasising the importance of bioterrorism
Genetic Blueprint for Q Fever Bacterium Unveiled
Rice uses buckyballs to reinvent 'antibiotic of last resort'
microorganisms that break down a toxic pesticide
WWII discovery may counter bioterrorists
US 'too busy' to spot a smallpox outbreak
'Agent defeat weapons' ready for use
Expert: Chemical Weapons, Dirty Bomb Risk Minimal
Bio-Chem Attack Protection Questioned February 15, 2003 075936
Run on gas masks as US citizens fear attack
Bisecting Bioterrorism
Nerve-Gas Antidotes Distributed To N.Y. Hospitals
NEI criticizes fear-mongering by authors of used fuel paper
Pentagon Perverts Pharma with New Weapons
A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
3 of 100,000 React Badly to Vaccine (washingtonpost.com)
A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
High-density storage of nuclear waste heightens terrorism risks
Researchers respond to threat, look for anthrax
Humidity Test May Unmask Anthrax Spores
Nuclear smugglers face neutron test
Fairfax to Confine Students In Case of Terrorist Attack (washingtonpost.com)
Police search for missing terror toxin
Yahoo! News - Official U.S. Has Bioterrorism Holes
Funds Planned For Fighting 'Dirty Bombs' (washingtonpost.com)
Bush Proposal Aimed at Germ Warfare Defense
Smallpox virus the secret stocks
Scientists target microorganisms to break down toxic pesticide
Dipstick gives rapid plague diagnosis
pot vs nerve gas
Many Nurses Lack Understanding of Smallpox, Poll Says (washingtonpost.com)
Flying SnifferSTAR may aid civilians and US military
blueprint for pinpointing sources of beach water pollution
Pentagon plans for smallpox outbreak
Israel Germs, gas and A-bombs - Fingers on all the buttons
Police find deadly toxin in London
'Ricin is relatively easy to make'
Nature's filter Wetlands clean selenium from agricultural runoff
Sea birds drop radioactivity on land
Researchers warn biotech advances could be misused by terrorists
US Special Forces Seek Genetically Engineered Bioweapons
Drug Waste Gives EPA the Blues
Chemical weapon vanishes
Smallpox vaccine likely to kill Americans
Mystery surrounds secret 1991 vaccines
U.N. Official Won't Reveal Iraq Suppliers to the Public
Document names western arms suppliers
Purdue works to transform Ebola virus from killer to healer
Purdue research hints that birds could spread Ebola virus Natural-Born Killers Enlisted To Fight Anthrax
Anthrax Stopper Viral enzyme detects, kills bacterium Science News Online, Aug. 24, 2002
U.S. Report Faulted Anthrax Prober (washingtonpost.com)
Killer flu can result from a single mutation
Compound From Yeast Shows Promise In Protecting Against Anthrax
Smallpox jab 'lasts for decades'
standard smallpox vaccine offers long-term immunity
Finding may help prevent pandemic of a killer flu
Satellite images predict hantaviral transmission risk
And Now, the Good News About Smallpox - In the event of a terrorist attack, we’re not all toast. By Jon Cohen
Farms prepare for possible bioterror - Jan. 1, 2003
Depleted uranium war hazard
West Nile's Widening Toll the epidemic has so resembled a bioterrorism attack that the nation's zoos
Straight talk about smallpox vaccine
West Nile's Widening Toll (washingtonpost.com)
Ebola can never be a truly successful virus
Geophysicist develops method for finding underground contaminants
Your Tax Dollars at War (biochem defense)
Smallpox Vaccine Reactions Jolt Experts (washingtonpost.com)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Iraq's Secret Weapon
Nerve gas tests detailed
Fungus catches radioactive fallout
Depleted uranium soils battlefields
Microbial mercury mop
Archaeologists advise on nuclear waste disposal
Inspectors' Worst Fear Winnebagos of Death
Germ Warfare Nothing New, Tartar Bioterror Shows
Concerns About 'Dirty Bomb' Drive Efforts to Find Radioactive Cesium
'Laboratories On A Chip' Get Super-Small, Super-Smart Plumbing
Telerobotic equipment aids in cleanup activities
New Fabric Protects Against Radiation
Germs develop a deadly defense
German documentary charges US used biological weapons in Korean War
concrete degrades nerve agent and can predict rate of decay
Lightweight radiation-proof fabric unveiled
The lowest-tech atom bomb
natural solution to PCB contamination
4 Nations Thought To Possess Smallpox (washingtonpost.com)
Experts Urge States to Agree on Germ Weapons Talks
Russia finally names mystery gas
Enlisting human test subjects in the war on terror
Insect infestation models may shed light on insect and disease outbreaks
Fussy microbe holds promise for environmental cleanup
U.S. Used Deadly Sarin in Hawaii Test -Pentagon
FBI Secretly Trying to Re-Create Anthrax From Mail Attacks (washingtonpost.com)
Spore detector 'could spot anthrax attack'
The Demon In the Freezer
Mystery gas may have been nerve agent that leads to death of brain
Russian gas may be secret crowd-control weapon
Advantages and Limitations of Calmatives for Use as a Non-Lethal Technique Pennstate College of Medicine Applied Research L
N Korea possesses 4000 tonnes of biochemical weapons Report HindustanTimes.com
Russian gas clues point to cocktail
Large US airlines fear terrorists less than security measures, aviation expert charges
Iraqis 'infiltrated UK germ labs'
economist calculates value of knowing that food's safe
US Developing Biological Early Warning System
London 'gas attack plan' highlights fears
Dusty Agents & the Iraqi Chemical Weapons Arsenal (Intro)
Dioxins in babies at 85 times safety limit
Nuclear probe may be new weapon against acid mine drainage, salinity
Iraq has 'dusty' weapon know-how
DOT says 'hazmat' cargo label may draw terrorists
Unexploded Arms Require Big Cleanup At 16,000 U.S. Sites (washingtonpost.com)
Engineered Plants Soak Up Arsenic
Mining and toxic cleanup with plants
Genome of potential bioremediation agent sequenced

Engineered Plants Soak Up Arsenic
Mining and toxic cleanup with plants
Green tan alley
West Blind to Soviet, Chinese Biological Superweapons
Russia Seeks to Delay Chemical Weapons Destruction
US Chemical Weapons Program Human Experiments Planned
Researchers create new strategy for removing arsenic from soil
U.S. Spies Iraq Has Bioweapons
Voluntary Smallpox Vaccination Urged (washingtonpost.com)
Past Space Nuclear Power System Accidents
Molecular machine could develop drugs for bioweapons victims
Small Asteroid Could Be Mistaken for Nuclear Blast
Supergerm Warfare Smart dust' to detect dangerous elements - September 15, 2002
Chlorine Dioxide Gas Kills Dangerous Biological Contaminants
Instant detection for chemicals, explosives, and biohazards
Star Trek device' could detect illness
Genome Of Potential Bioterror Agent Seqenced; Highlights Similarities Between Animal, Plant Pathogens
New Drugs Beat Old Flu Antiviral agents counter deadly 1918 influenza Science News Online, Sept. 28, 2002
Rare Disorder Provides New Insight Into Fighting Infection
breakthrough in fight against tuberculosis
Vaccine developed for lethal ricin
Ionising air conditioners 'zap flu'
Gene therapy treats first disease affecting multiple organ systems in a large animal
Guidance for Protecting Building Environments - DHHS (NIOSH) Pub No. 2002-139
Vaccine works against deadly ricin
Preparations for terrorist attacks and natural disasters linked, says University of Colorado prof
Viral Workhorses
Virus that can infect both mice and humans is driven to extinction with cancer drug
Russians develop new method to kill pathogens
Electrochemical Synthesis of Activated Solutions
Drug protects fertility, offspring in mice after radiation exposure
fingerprinting' for biological agents
'Handmade' cloning cheap and easy
Nanotech Particles Penetrate Living Cells and Accumulate in Animal Organs
New Compound May Immobilize AIDS Virus, Certain Radionuclides
Chemical combat foils superbugs
New Antidote to Botulism Drug neutralizes toxin in mouse tests Science News Online, Aug. 10, 2002
Important advances in the development of drug delivery vehicles
insect antimicrobials point the way to novel antibiotics
State-lake tests detect 'superbugs'
Secret U.S. Biopharms Growing Experimental Drugs
Triple-action drug battles botulism
electron beam generator could combat anthrax
bacteria fighter that does not promote bacterial resistance
1918 human influenza epidemic no longer linked to birds
Developer of anthrax quick test finds similar test for strep throat
Artificial antibodies created by new molecular imprinting process
Ebola virus could be synthesised
A Hard Road to New Wonder Drugs
Drug could stave off vCJD
New horizons of nerve repair
The government wants to sell you radioactive waste
Staph infections grow resistant to antibiotics
New antibiotic-resistant superbug found
US smallpox vaccination policy flawed
Nightmare scenario of antibiotic resistance has arrived
Nose cells could cure paralysis
Sensors to Detect Illness From Within
Do-It-Yourself Virus recreated from synthetic DNA Science News Online, July 13, 2002
Bacteria Could Be New Meningococcal Vaccine
Nerve cells' death different from other cells'
Secret weapon work in Boca recalled
Selective Nanofilters For Proteins, DNA
New method of turning off viruses may help control HIV infection, says Jefferson scientist
Psychopharmacological Warfare
Benign Bio-Warfare
Bombing the Mind, The Pentagon's Drug War
Novel diagnostic tool detects life-threatening infections faster than standard nuclear imaging tests
Molecular 'stop signs' may hold secret of nerve regeneration
Military Admits Using Nerve Gas On US Personnel In 60s Tests
Super Soap
'Super soap' in the pipeline
Ramoplanin beats antibiotic resistance by fighting the battle on its own terms
Biocontrol backfires again
Scanning for Health
Rats depleted of salt become sensitized to amphetamine, show unusual growth of brain cells
Methamphetamine Drastically Increases Virus' Ability To Replicate In Brain Tissue
Association found between anthrax vaccination, medication and health problems of Gulf War veterans
Faster detection of bacteria in water, food
Time to vaccinate everyone under 30 against smallpox
Events Raise Nuclear Safety Questions
One hurt as smallpox drum ruptures in lab
The Fungus Among Us
Anthrax attack bug identical to army strain
Biohazards of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
Blocking adhesion protein may reduce lung damage from radiation
Method Improves On How We Treat Infectious Diseases
Testing has killed thousands
Millions were in germ war tests
Medieval black death not bubonic plague
Microbiology team probes bacterium's surprising survival tactics
Nuclear Plants and Terrorism Is nanotechnology hazardous to the environment
Bugs gobble up nuclear waste
Volcanic Hazard At Proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository Greater Than Previously Thought
Efficient plastic nuggets key to agricultural plastic waste disposal
Moon Seen As Nuclear Waste Repository
The Growing Nuclear Danger
CNN.com - Experimenting with danger - July 6, 2002
Radioactive gas released in tests

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